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March 2016 Archives

Illinois man sentenced to 8 years for fatal DUI crash

According to court documents, a 35-year-old Crest Hill man was sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to a fatal DUI collision. The man was sentenced on March 23. He pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI resulting in death and had faced up to 14 years in prison.

Charges filed after investigation of Chicago political protest

A canceled political rally in Chicago, Illinois, still managed to draw a crowd estimated as in the thousands to protest against Donald Trump, the Republican front runner in the 2016 presidential race. The crowded streets outside the facility turned violent as a few of the protester fought with police officers who were on the scene to maintain control over the situation.

Consequences for not having a license in Illinois

It is illegal to drive without a license in all 50 states. In some cases, a driver may face a penalty for failure to show proof of having a valid driver's license even if he or she has one. An individual may also be cited for driving on a suspended, revoked or expired license. Penalties may range from having to repair a part on the vehicle to having the car impounded or even facing jail time.

"Pawn Stars" star facing felony drug and gun charges

Illinois residents who enjoy reality television are likely familiar with Austin Russell. The 33-year-old celebrity, who is more widely known as 'Chumlee," is a popular figure on the popular History Channel show 'Pawn Stars," but police in Las Vegas were not looking for an autograph when they arrived at his suburban home on March 9. Police say that they went to Russell's home because a woman had accused the reality TV star of sexually assaulting her, but reports indicate that they took him into custody after discovering large quantities of drugs and several firearms.

Tree stuck on car leads to DUI arrest

Police in Roselle, Illinois, caught and arrested a drunk driver after another motorist called authorities and stated that the car was in operation with a 15-foot tree stuck on the front. Police located the driver and found that the airbags had been deployed, likely due to the collision with the tree. Police noticed that the driver smelled of alcohol and questioned her about the tree. She admitted that she had hit the tree in a nearby neighborhood but couldn't remember exactly where.

Pair accused of selling prescription pills

On Feb. 18, police in Illinois accused a man and a woman of selling prescription medication. The 32-year-old man and 25-year-old woman were handed drug charges after police conducted a search of their apartment in Palatine. The Palatine Police Department allegedly discovered three suboxone pills and 72 hydrocodone pills during the search.

What are police allowed to do during an arrest?

Arrests are reaching historic levels throughout Chicagoland, including in cities throughout DuPage and Kane Counties. When a person is arrested for a crime, they may be innocent or they may be guilty, but one thing is for sure: They have rights and the police must act within the law or the evidence can be deemed inadmissible in court.