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Synthetic drugs focus of new Illinois law

Synthetic drugs have become a serious problem in Illinois. These drugs are popular because they are cheap while also providing users with highs. In the past, manufacturers of synthetic drugs could change the formulas used to make them in order to evade the law, but a new law has closed the loophole in the state.

The law has moved synthetic drugs, which includes things like bath salts, synthetic marijuana, spice and K2 into the schedule I classification. Schedule I drugs are those deemed highly addictive and that have no known medical value. Other schedule 1 drugs include such things as heroin and methamphetamine.

While synthetics were first made illegal in the state in 2011, manufacturers were able to change the formulas so the drugs didn't meet the previous definitions. The new law also clamps down on that practice in order to prevent that from occurring. Between the months of January and May 2015, 15 people in the state died after using synthetic drugs. Doctors indicate that a major problem is that people are usually unaware of what the drugs contain and medical professionals do not have good treatments available for overdoses.

Moving these types of drugs to schedule I means that the potential consequences will be more severe for people who are charged with possession or distribution of the drugs under the state's criminal laws. Those who are facing these types of charges may find it advisable to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible in order to begin to construct a defense strategy to be employed before the trial begins.

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