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Some vehicles get tickets more often than others

A misdemeanor like a traffic offense can ruin anyone's day, but motorists with certain vehicles are more likely to attract the attention of law enforcement authorities than others. For example, one study found that Lexus ES 300 and Nissan 350Z models have the highest percentages for tickets. Illinois residents might like to know about the cars that got pulled over the most and least.

A survey conducted by that was released on Feb. 18 revealed the vehicles motorists drive that have the highest amount of traffic violations. This data was compiled by analyzing traffic violation and insurance claim information for more than 323,000 customers with 331 models. Along with the Lexus and Nissan models, drivers of vehicles like the Volkswagen Jetta GL, Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Stratus SXT and Mazda 3S were also ticketed most often. The last was the Subaru WRX that dropped to number 12 in the latest survey.

Those who drove the vehicles that got the most tickets also had more than the average amount of insurance claims. Many luxury vehicles were the ones that had the lowest percentage of traffic violations, and the least frequent offenders included those who drive cars like the Buick Encore, BMW 3201, Lexus IS350, Chevrolet Express and Cadillac Escalade. A representative for the online insurance company commented that motorists not vehicles are the ones who receive tickets though some models may typically interest those who are prone to traffic violations.

While traffic violations do not always seem like a big deal, these infractions are misdemeanors that could negatively influence one's life. These violations could result in fines and a higher insurance rate, but some of these offenses might lead to jail time if convicted. Reckless driving and driving while impaired could require an attorney's assistance.

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