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February 2016 Archives

Illinois woman sentenced for 2011 drunk driving crash

A 28-year-old Illinois woman was sentenced to serve two years of probation, pay a $2,489 fine and attend a victim impact panel after admitting that she was responsible for a 2011 drunk driving accident that claimed the life of a 26-year-old man. The woman entered a guilty plea following a court battle that had lasted for over four years. The woman was also sentenced to one week and five days of time served.

Some vehicles get tickets more often than others

A misdemeanor like a traffic offense can ruin anyone's day, but motorists with certain vehicles are more likely to attract the attention of law enforcement authorities than others. For example, one study found that Lexus ES 300 and Nissan 350Z models have the highest percentages for tickets. Illinois residents might like to know about the cars that got pulled over the most and least.

False confessions may be more likely with sleep deprivation

Illinois residents may be interested in a study that shows that people who have been sleep-deprived are more likely to confess to things that they did not do. The study, headed by an associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University, found that individuals who had a full eight hours of sleep were far less likely to sign a document falsely stating that they had done something that they were explicitly asked not to do.

Number of exonerated people in 2015 shows extent of problem

Many Illinois residents have heard about the numerous exonerations that have occurred in recent years. These exonerated individuals were freed only after serving years in jail for crimes they didn't commit. To some, the issue illustrates that the criminal justice system in the United States is flawed.

Animal cruelty and FBI tracking

Illinois animal lovers may be interested in learning that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will begin tracking animal cruelty felonies along with other felonies the agency already tracks. This will provide statistical data for instances of animal cruelty and allow a better focus on this type of offense.

Alderman charged with retail theft

On Jan. 31, an alderman for an Illinois city was charged with retail theft. It was reported that this was her second misdemeanor charge since 2013. She was accused of stealing about $55 worth of merchandise from a store that was located in the ward she represented.

Synthetic drugs focus of new Illinois law

Synthetic drugs have become a serious problem in Illinois. These drugs are popular because they are cheap while also providing users with highs. In the past, manufacturers of synthetic drugs could change the formulas used to make them in order to evade the law, but a new law has closed the loophole in the state.