Everyone makes mistakes. There is no exception to this rule. Even the most responsible and conscientious individuals make mistakes from time to time. Frustratingly, some mistakes that are surprisingly easy to make can result in devastating consequences. For example, it is startlingly easy to be arrested for drunk driving.

Alcohol metabolizes at different rates depending on a number of factors. Whether one has eaten recently, been ill in the past few days, recently gained or lost weight and a host of other factors can contribute to one getting “drunk” more quickly or less quickly than usual. In addition, these factors can alter whether one feels drunk or sober more or less quickly. As a result, someone who has always been careful to avoid getting behind the wheel for an hour after his or her last drink may be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving simply because the alcohol in that person’s system metabolized more slowly than usual and was not easily “felt” within the body.

If you have recently been arrested for drunk driving for the very first time, you are not alone. But it is important that you not take so much comfort in the fact that everyone makes mistakes that you avoid seeking experienced representation. If you are hoping that because you have a clean record and your mistake was an honest one that you will face minimal consequences, please adjust your perception of the situation you are facing.

First-time DUI offenders often face stiff financial penalties, significant community service requirements, jail time and other frustrating consequences including installation of ignition interlock devices in their vehicles. If you hire experienced representation, you may be able to avoid or minimize a host of these consequences. Experienced attorneys know how to present your clean record in such a way that judges will likely take notice. So please think twice before gambling on your future by navigating your legal situation without the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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