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Treasurer charged with drug possession following traffic stop

On Jan. 3, the treasurer for a suburban village just outside of Chicago was taken into custody after authorities found heroin in his vehicle during a traffic stop. He was pulled over for a registration light that was not properly working, which is a minor traffic violation.

The officer who pulled the treasurer over reportedly noted that the man was acting nervous and was responding to the officer's question with inconsistent answers. Eventually he admitted that he had heroin in his vehicle. The drugs were seized and he was taken to the Will County Detention Center. He posted bond on Jan. 5 and was charged with drug possession.

During a subsequent audit of his office, authorities found that the man had been taking money from the Sauk Village Police Pension Fund to use for personal expenses between April and November of 2015. As a result, the man was suspended from his position without pay.

Those who have been issued drug charges are potentially facing serious consequences if a conviction is obtained that could include incarceration, probation and fines. Additionally, they may also be at risk for losing their job. The severity of the consequences can depend on the type and amount of drugs that were found as well as if the defendant had any previous criminal convictions. Depending on the situation, a criminal defense attorney may potentially look for problems in the case that could result in a strong defense or even a dismissal of the case. This may include evidence that the authorities did not properly follow protocols or if the chain of evidence has been broken. Otherwise, a plea bargain can potentially result in consequences that are not as severe.

Source: NBC Chicago, "Sauk Village Treasurer Faces Drug Possession Charge", Justin Ray, Jan. 6, 2016

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