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U.S. will charge foreign officials with drug trafficking

Illinois residents may be concerned about drug use in their communities, but many of these issues are rooted in the foreign trafficking that brings illicit drugs into the United States. Reports indicate that U.S. officials are expected to file drug trafficking charges against Venezuelan leaders believed to be involved in moving cocaine into the country.

The drug charges will involve the head of Venezuela's National Guard, General Nestor Reverol, and a general of the National Guard, Edilberto Molina. Although there have been efforts to obtain comments from these parties in Caracas, these attempts have been unsuccessful. Similar situations in the past have met with disdain from Venezuelan leaders, who suggest that the U.S. is endeavoring to undermine and destabilize the government of the South American nation.

Federal prosecutors are reportedly involved in the case, and the charges are expected to be publicized by the end of December 2015. In November, two men were arrested in Haiti and sent to the U.S. in connection with their alleged plans to transport almost 1,800 pounds of cocaine into the country. These men are nephews of Venezuela's first lady.

While charges against foreign officials might not result in any immediate detention of those parties, such action might cause other involved parties located in the U.S. to cease drug trafficking activities for a time to avoid legal problems or incarceration. In some cases, individuals involved in such activity might seek a plea deal after being charged, offering information about leaders in a drug ring in exchange for reduced penalties.

An individual who is facing criminal charges related to drug activity may find that legal representation is important. Issues such as search and seizure, detention protocol and lack of a prior record might be used to request that charges be dropped or reduced.

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