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Couple charged with drug offenses after traffic stop

On Oct. 23, a couple was reportedly taken into police custody in Illinois after authorities discovered drugs in their vehicle during a traffic stop. Police stated that the couple's vehicle was stopped along Interstate 70 in Madison County.

When authorities searched the vehicle, they reportedly found 10 pounds of cocaine and 23 pounds of heroin. The New Mexico residents, ages 27 and 28, were charged on Oct. 26 with multiple drug offenses, including two counts of trafficking a controlled substance and two counts of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. If convicted on all charges, they each could potentially face 100 years or more in prison.

Both individuals were still in jail on $500,000 bail when the report was released. The report did not indicate why the vehicle was pulled over in the first place or if the couple agreed to a search of the vehicle.

A person who is facing felony drug charges is at risk of receiving serious penalties, including lengthy incarceration, if convicted. However, there are some defense strategies that a criminal defense attorney may utilize depending on how the person was taken into custody and what evidence the authorities have against that individual. For example, if the person was accused of drug possession or drug trafficking after a traffic stop, the attorney may question the validity of the traffic stop. If the authorities did not have probable cause to pull the vehicle over or if the vehicle was searched without permission, any evidence that was found might be deemed inadmissible.

Source: KRQE, "New Mexico couple charged with drug trafficking in Illinois", Associated Press, Oct. 28, 2015

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