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Woman charged with DUI after driving without two tires

On Sept. 15, it was reported that an Illinois woman was taken into custody after she was reportedly seen driving with no front tires. The 20-year-old was pulled over by Libertyville police near the interested of Route 176 and Butterfield Road.

Authorities stated that the woman, age 20, was attempting to make a U-turn in a vehicle that had the wheel wells dragging along the ground at about 5 a.m. on Sept. 5. After she was stopped, authorities conducted several field sobriety tests, which she reportedly did not pass. She was then taken into custody and her vehicle was towed away.

As a result of the incident, the woman was reportedly facing numerous charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, she was charged with operating a vehicle that had unsafe equipment and for having no insurance on the vehicle, as well as several traffic charges. She posted her driver's licence and a $1,000 bond before being released. Her next court date is scheduled for Oct. 2.

Those who are facing their first drunk driving charges could potentially be sentenced to jail or probation depending on the severity of the circumstances. In some cases, a criminal law attorney can defend the person against serious consequences. Counsel may negotiate with the prosecutor to allow the person to undergo drug or alcohol rehabilitation instead of jail. Additionally, the attorney may help the person keep their license so they may continue to go to work. Otherwise, the attorney may argue that the traffic stop was unlawful or that the field sobriety tests were not conducted properly by the authorities.

Source: Liertyville Patch, "Motorist Driving Without Front Tires Arrested for DUI: Police", Amie Schaenzer, Sept. 15, 2015

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