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Illinois basketball fans may be interested in knowing about a criminal case involving an NBA player that is unfolding in the southeastern part of the country. On July 31, media sources reported that a backup forward for the Atlanta Hawks, Mike Scott, is facing drug charges following a traffic stop in Atlanta. At press time, the Hawks organization has declined to comment, but sources indicate that it has acknowledged awareness of the situation.

The incident happened on Interstate 85 near Atlanta. The 27-year-old athlete was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his younger brother when it was pulled over by Banks County sheriff’s deputies for allegedly following too closely. Sources indicate that the SUV continued to travel approximately 2 miles at a speed of 98 mph before it stopped for the law enforcement officials.

The search that followed revealed that 10.9 grams of MDMA and more than an ounce of marijuana were allegedly found on the NBA player, according to reports. Sources say that the athlete has been charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of a Schedule 1 drug. The driver of the vehicle is also facing charges in connection with the incident.

Although the Hawks have not yet released a statement regarding this situation, drug charges are considered a serious matter by most professional sports franchises, and it is possible that these charges could negatively impact this athlete’s reputation and career going forward. An individual convicted of similar charges in Illinois could also face a number of potentially life-altering consequences, including hefty fines and court fees, probation and jail time.

In some criminal cases, it is possible that a strong defense strategy could lead to a favorable outcome for a charged individual. Illinois residents who find themselves facing a similar situation may find it beneficial to seek a case evaluation from a criminal defense attorney.

Source: TIME, “Atlanta Hawks Forward Mike Scott Has Been Hit With Drug Charges,” Rishi Lyengar, July 31, 2015

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