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NBA forward Mike Scott accused of drug possession

Illinois professional basketball fans may be interested to learn that Mike Scott, a forward for the Atlanta Hawks, was taken into police custody on July 30 for drug offenses. According to a Georgia sheriff's department, the charges were filed following a traffic stop.

Deputies stated that Scott was a passenger in an SUV that was being driven by his 20-year-old brother on Interstate 85 north of Atlanta. An officer reportedly attempted to pull over the vehicle for following another car too closely; however, the vehicle refused to stop for at least two miles. The SUV allegedly reached speeds of up to 98 mph before the driver eventually yielded. Authorities searched the vehicle and reportedly seized close to 11 grams of MDNA, also known as Molly, and one ounce of marijuana.

Scott, age 27, was charged with felony possession of a Schedule 1 drug and possession of marijuana. A spokesperson for the Hawks reported that the team was aware of the situation but had no comments at the time the report was released. His brother is also facing charges.

Individuals convicted on multiple drug charges may face consequences that could include jail or prison time, fines, probation and the requirement to attend a drug education program. Charges can also result in a person losing their job or employment. A criminal law attorney may utilize a strong defense for an individual facing drug charges. If the accused person does not have any prior convictions, the attorney may negotiate to reduce time spent in prison in exchange for rehabilitation.

Source: USA Today, "Hawks forward Mike Scott arrested on drug charges," July 31, 2015

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