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DUI expungement: how your future can trump your past

Let's say you're in your mid-30s, and you're looking for work for the first time in a decade. Lay offs at your company hit your division particularly hard, and you were an unfortunate victim.

Back in your mid-20s, though, you made the decision to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while you were above the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08. A police officer caught you when you swerved over a lane divider, and you were arrested for driving under the influence. You paid your debt to society and suffered the consequences and have since cleaned up your act.

But you had your job back then. It was much easier for you to deal with the DUI charge and the resulting consequences. Now you have to find work, and guess what? Every application that you send in doesn't yield a response. For a while, you are stumped as to why, but then it dawns on you: your criminal history is ruining your chances at getting a new job. Just by checking that box on the job application form, your chances of finding work -- even with 10 years of experience -- has been greatly reduced.

Many people who have been charged with drunk driving fit into this category. Their history makes it impossible for them to better their lives down the line.

This is where a DUI expungement can work wonders. An expungement is a process which "seals" your DUI conviction. As a result, potential employers, apartment complexes and, for the most part, any organization or agency won't be able to see your DUI conviction.

The expungement doesn't completely get rid of your conviction. It will still remain on your record and be "unsealed" in case of another criminal act. But for those who are trying to leave their past behind, a DUI expungement can be incredibly helpful.

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