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August 2015 Archives

Men taken into custody after Illinois drug raid

On Aug. 20, police searched a home on 4th Avenue in Dixon and found $11,000 and about 100 grams of marijuana inside the residence. A 23-year-old man and a 24-year-old man were taken into custody after the raid that took place at about 6:30 that morning. They both face charges of possession of cannabis between 30 and 500 grams and intent to deliver between 30-500 grams of cannabis.

Teen girls to be tried as adults in attempted murder case

Illinois residents may recall the case of two 13-year-old girls who attempted to kill another teen to appease a fictional character called Slender Man. They believed that if they killed the third girl, he would give them a place in his mansion, and they also believed that they would prove his existence to others. Authorities say that the two girls spent months plotting the attack on their victim.

2 accused of using drone to deliver drugs across the border

Illinois residents may have recently heard that two California men who has been accused of smuggling heroin into the United States from Mexico pleaded guilty. A spokesperson for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement stated that the two men attempted to use a drone to get the drugs across the border.

Lawmakers aim to change unconstitutional program

Illinois residents may be interested to hear about a Minnesota policy regarding sex offenders. Those who are deemed to be especially dangerous will stay in a hospital that is surrounded by barbed wire even after they have finished their prison terms. Currently, there 720 offenders in custody at a cost of $120,000 a year per person to taxpayers in the state.

Jail time more likely for Illinois teens on probation

When an adult is put on probation, he or she is generally only asked to refrain from committing a crime. If a minor is put on probation, he or she may be given a long list of restrictions that may apply until the minor is 21-years-old. Should any of these guidelines not be met, that teen could spend time in a juvenile facility. Most states are allowed to ask children to wear electronic bracelets that monitor their activities.

Professional athlete faces felony drug charges

Illinois basketball fans may be interested in knowing about a criminal case involving an NBA player that is unfolding in the southeastern part of the country. On July 31, media sources reported that a backup forward for the Atlanta Hawks, Mike Scott, is facing drug charges following a traffic stop in Atlanta. At press time, the Hawks organization has declined to comment, but sources indicate that it has acknowledged awareness of the situation.

NBA forward Mike Scott accused of drug possession

Illinois professional basketball fans may be interested to learn that Mike Scott, a forward for the Atlanta Hawks, was taken into police custody on July 30 for drug offenses. According to a Georgia sheriff's department, the charges were filed following a traffic stop.

Court has harsh words about K-9 sniffer dogs

A U.S. appellate court in Illinois has upheld the conviction of a St. Louis man serving a 20-year sentence for drug possession on July 28, but the court was not impressed by the police practice of using drug sniffing dogs to justify vehicle searches. The drug possession conviction was upheld because prosecutors were able to establish that other evidence, such as contradictory statements made to officers, gave police probable cause to search the man's vehicle.