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You probably do not want U.S. Marshals in your home

The U.S. is often seen as the home of second chances, where individual who failed, went bankrupt or went to jail, often begin again. But there is one area where American are somewhat less forgiving. Sex crimes and in particular, crimes related to children and involving child pornography.

Charges involving this matter can be devastating to anyone, innocent or guilty, as the accusations carry a taint that like the blood in Macbeth, cannot be washed away with the ocean. 

While computers and the internet allow greater distribution of child pornography, it can also mean one can be accused of being involved with this material, no matter how faint the association.

Subway has, for now, suspended their advertising spokesman, Jared Fogle, after allegations came to light involving the former director of his foundation. The foundation, which had existed to promote children's healthy eating and exercise to combat childhood obesity, fired the accused director in May of 2015.

He was arrested by federal authorities on child pornography charges after a woman told Indiana State Police he had offered to send her photos of young girls.

Last week, federal law enforcement personal arrived a Fogle's home and were observed hauling computers and other materials from the residence, presumably authorized by a search warrant.

Federal authorities have not commented on the search or what they were looking for, but it is likely that they are looking for connections to the charges filed against the now disposed director. (cont.)

Source:, "Future of Jared Fogle's foundation unclear after raid," Associated Press, July 8, 2015

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