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You probably do not want U.S. Marshals in your home (cont.)

One of the more troubling aspects of this type of search and seizure is that depending on the scope of the search warrant, which is likely to be relatively broad, federal law enforcement could be searching through virtually every folder and document on computer hard drives, looking for evidence of a crime.

For any suspect, this would be disturbing, even if you were innocent of any crime. If they find evidence of other crimes, your entanglement with the criminal justice system likely just became much deeper.

They could discover evidence of financial improprieties, either within the foundation or with his personal finances. There could be tax violations or misstatements of material facts on filing documents, such as mortgage or loan documents.

There could be issues involving withholdings for personal employees, like house cleaners or nannies. And there could be embarrassing or illegal disclosures related to personal habits, mistresses, alcohol, drugs or gambling.

And there is always the potential issue of making a misstatement to a federal agent, which could become the basis of a criminal charge on its own relating to lying to a federal agent.

There are tens of thousands of laws, both state and federal, and you could violate many of them unknowingly. Your general anonymity may protect you, and the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Illinois states attorneys do not have unlimited staff and budgets to investigate.

But once they begin digging through your personal affairs, they may find a need to justify their outlay of resources, even if the original focus of an investigation is found to be fruitless.

And when it comes to child pornography, even if no charges are brought, it may be difficult to eliminate the lingering cloud brought on by this type of allegations.

Source:, "Future of Jared Fogle's foundation unclear after raid," Associated Press, July 8, 2015

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