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Insanity defense works for Illinois woman

All criminal charges should be taken seriously. When someone faces a felony charge it is even more important to do what is necessary to build a strong defense. This is because the penalties tied to a conviction can be harsh and in some situations include life in prison. For most people creating a solid defense involves the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer.

The best approach to take in defending one's self against a criminal charge will vary depending on the circumstances. In any criminal charge situation it is important to work with a lawyer who looks at the totality of the circumstances when considering the available options. An Illinois woman may have done just that.

The woman was recently found not guilty of murdering her cousin and attempting to murder her husband. The approach taken in the defense of the 46-year-old woman is that she was not guilty by reason of insanity.

Not all states acknowledge the validity of this defense. Those that do require the defendants to prove a something along these lines:

  • They did not understand their actions
  • They did not know right from wrong
  • They acted on an uncontrollable impulse

In this particular case the fact that the woman threatened to hurt herself and among other things, said she was Jesus likely contributed to that ruling. Information provided by a doctor who performed a psychological examination was also focused on at trial.

While the woman will not go to prison, she will face an evaluation by the Illinois Department of Human Services. The results of that evaluation will be taken into consideration in determining what her future will look like.

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