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Can Disorderly Conduct Charges Affect My Employment?

In today's day and age, disorderly conduct can occur under almost any circumstances. At restaurants, the beach, or even a sporting event, it is not uncommon to spot someone exhibiting rowdy behavior. Law enforcement is serious about cracking down on individuals who 'disturb the peace' and depending on the extent of the behavior, it can lead to an arrest and possibly a conviction.

Like any criminal offense, disorderly conduct does have the potential to affect your employment now and in the future. Employers are always looking for someone they can trust and an evidence of inappropriate behavior may cause them to think twice. But what does the state of Illinois classify as disorderly conduct?

Actions Which May Lead to Being Charged

Disorderly conduct isn't only relegated to situations where alcohol is involved. Getting arrested for such behavior is more common than you might think and officers often have different standards from state to state. Illinois considers anything that causes unreasonable public distress to be disorderly conduct.

The following actions are examples of illegal behavior:

  • Falsely reporting a fire
  • Illegally entering another person's property
  • Falsely reporting an abused or neglected child
  • Using harassment or intimidation as a debt collector
  • Falsely reporting an explosive device

Disorderly conduct can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony, based on the gravity of the circumstances. If convicted, you can be charged with imprisonment and fines. Furthermore, your record will be tainted and viewable by the public.

How it affects your job, however, is a different story. One employer may have no reason to care about an incident of disorderly conduct, while another may find it serious enough to fire you or avoid hiring you in the first place. It is important to be honest with your employer and explain why you were charged. Sharing your side of the story is often the best way to diffuse any uncertainty or possible rejection.

If you are facing charges, or are hoping to have your record expunged, don't hesitate to get in contact with our DuPage County criminal defense lawyer. We would be honored to review your case and fight for the favorable outcome you desire. Schedule your free consultation today!

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