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What to Do When You Are Charged With a Drug Crime

The government has made it no secret that is has declared a war on drugs. With laws and regulations enacted that treat those accused of drug crimes like a violent criminal, even minor possession offenses can find someone facing significant time in prison and a serious criminal. When these important personal freedoms are at stake, the criminally accused cannot take any risks with their cases. The first thing that you should do when drug accusations have been leveled against you is to contact a criminal defense attorney.

Why is hiring a drug crime lawyer important?

The types of charges and penalties you face rest on two essential points: the type and amount of drug you are found with. Even if the drug that you were accused of being in possession of is legal, you could still face charges. For example, if you have a prescription for an amphetamine and are accused of selling it to those without a prescription, you could face criminal charges. Some drugs, such as cocaine, will carry much harsher penalties.

A drug crime can be charges as any of the following:

  • Distribution
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Possession
  • Usage
  • Paraphernalia

Depending on these charges, you will need to meet with your drug crime lawyer to develop a strong defense. You should hire a legal advocate who understands how to protect your rights and utilize all types of defense. For example, you may be able to argue that you were not in possession of the substance since it belonged to another person in your vehicle. You may also be able to secure lesser charges of simple possession in cases of distribution or trafficking if you can prove the drugs were just for personal usage. Another common tactic that defense lawyers can use is dismissing any evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure. Since each individual case is unique, you will need to make sure that the defense employed fits what you have been charged with.

As former prosecutors that have handled over 10,000 criminal cases, you can be sure that retaining the legal services of Martin & Kent, LLC is to your benefit. Our attorneys can speak with you about your case and determine a strategy that works for your case. Call today to get started on your legal defense !

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