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December 2014 Archives

Common Theft Crimes in Illinois

Theft happens when a person knowingly takes unauthorized control of property. There are many different classifications of theft under Illinois laws. The factors that determine the severity of the theft fall under two elements: the value of the stolen property and if the property was stolen from another person. Even if a person did not steal the property themselves, it is also considered theft if a person obtains control over knowingly stolen property.

How to Understand Search & Seizure Law

One of the best things about living in the United States are the rights and freedoms given to all. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights takes the time to lay out exactly what rights all American citizens have under the law. Most importantly, those that have been accused of a crime are not exempt from legal protections. There are a few rights that specifically apply to those being questioned by law enforcement and how police are under legal supposed to act when seeking information or evidence.

Harsh Penalties Enforced for Retail Theft

Retail theft occurs when a person or employee knowingly takes possession of merchandise and transfers it away from retail establishment without paying the full retail price that was labeled on the item. It is also a crime to alter, modifying, or remove a price tag from an item attempting to lower the price.