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Felony Prescription Drug Charges

Illegal sale of certain drugs is becoming increasingly popular for use in recreation or pain management. Many types of prescription drugs, ranging from Codeine to Vicodin, can lead to felony charges if given to another person without a legal prescription. Even licensed professionals are at risk for such charges. Because of the severity of these offenses, it is important to understand why these charges are issued and how to secure a proper defense against them.

Although the law categorizes prescription drug crimes under illegal sales, the crime actually covers a much broader field. "Selling" a prescription drug can be as simple as giving the substance to another person. The greater the amount sold, the more severe the penalties a person may face.

Common reasons people are charged for the crime include:

  • Writing an unnecessary prescription
  • Use of a fraudulent prescription/identity
  • Filling out a fraudulent prescription
  • Selling or giving the drug to someone without a prescription

In many cases, people are unaware that they have violated laws concerning prescription drugs. With a valid defense, a physician or pharmacist can demonstrate that they had a legitimate reason to write a prescription or did not realize that a prescription was fraudulent. Likewise, a person with a prescription may be able to claim that they had no intention of selling or distributing the drug to another person.

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Whatever your charge, it is important that you secure a seasoned defense attorney to handle your case. Martin & Kent, LLC features two DuPage County drug crime attorneys who have helped clients seek favorable results in thousands of cases. With honors including the 2013 Top Lawyer in Illinois Award by Super Lawyers, their time-tested approach to every case is a valuable asset to clients.

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