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Concern and Anxiety over Medical Marijuana Law

Officials like Kendall County Assistant State's Attorney Nemura Pencyla are expressing apprehension regarding the opening of 60 medical marijuana dispensaries throughout Illinois. Pencyla believes that legal consumption of marijuana is directly connected to an increase in crime in his observation of crime statistics in states with similar medical marijuana laws.

How to handle drivers?

On the other hand, Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon sated "We're ready" while noting that the area of DUI law will be noticeably impacted. Currently there is no legal mechanism to determine how much legal marijuana in a driver's system is legal and safe. The Naperville Police Sgt. Bill Davis posited that police will be following procedures used for any drivers operating under the influence of any prescription medicine.

Pencyla went further saying drivers "will be subject to the same rigorous testing if impairment is in question." At the same time, McMahon raised other concerns such as how the law regarding medicinal marijuana will impact people on probation from using narcotics. Davis' outfit has said they are preparing for the responsibility.

The medicinal marijuana law will be reviewed in four years' time and could become permanent afterwards. McMahon expressed doubt regarding the future of the law but noted "the national trend is that this is not going to be a temporary thing."

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