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Western Springs Man Arrested for Stalking a Judge

A 58 year old man from Western Springs, Illinois, was recently sentenced to six years in prison for stalking a DuPage County judge. This came after Judge Kathryn Creswell sentenced the accused to 90 days in jail for an aggravated DUI charge.

As the case was pending, the man sent a package to Creswell's home containing a book on ethics. Inside the book was a $100 bill, and an anonymous letter that suggested not all crimes need to involve incarceration, and also made reference to the judge's child. Upon receiving the package, Creswell turned it over to authorities.

The man later contacted Creswell's husband, an architect, via email and inquired about potentially hiring him to do work on a commercial building. Attached to the email was a four-page letter from the man, and addressed to Judge Creswell that pertained to his case.

The police obtained a search warrant, and upon searching the man's business found two copies of the book that had been sent to Judge Creswell. Authorities also found a photograph of the judge's child, information about the judge, and a package of bullets.

As part of a plea bargain, the accused plead guilty to charges of felony stalking as well as interference of the activities of a judicial officer.

In this case, a man began with a 90 day sentence for driving with a revoked license. Unsatisfied with the way his case was being handled, he took matters into his own hands only to have the circumstances substantially worsen. This case perfectly exemplifies why it is crucial to work with a strong lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense.

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., our attorneys are former felony prosecutors who have worked on over 6,000 criminal cases within Illinois. We have in-depth experience pertaining to criminal defense, and we will aggressively fight to get you results. If you are seeking legal counsel, or are involved with a felony or misdemeanor charge, please contact our offices for a consultation today.

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