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October 2014 Archives

Heroin: Felony Charges and Penalties

As a Schedule I drug, heroin is considered one of the most dangerous substances in the state of Illinois. Crimes related to the drug incur some of the harshest penalties available and mere possession of the drug will lead to a felony charge. With additional charges, the consequences for a heroin-related crime can be incredibly steep.

Can I Expunge My Criminal Record?

Questions about expungement are very common, and this issue is vitally important to many people. A criminal record can disqualify you for life from many types of employment and can also interfere with the ability to get some student loans or certain housing. A finding of guilty, even if not resulting in a conviction, could also negatively affect your chance to work in certain general types of jobs, like law enforcement or teaching.

End of the Road for Redflex in Chicago

Former Redflex Traffic Systems CEO Karen Finley was indicted August 13 th 2014 on nine counts of mail fraud, three counts of wire fraud, three counts of bribery, and one count of conspiracy to commit bribery. Finley along with former city official John Bills were accused of using the traffic camera business to bribe the city between 2002 and 2012. The program has brought almost $500 million to Chicago where it operated thanks to traffic tickets which had been suspected of not functioning properly.

New Law May Allow Drivers to Keep License After Traffic Stop

In the past, a police officer could hold on to your driver's license, even after minor traffic stops, until the case is resolved. This is set to change once Gov. Pat Quinn signs a new measure which would allow those pulled over for minor stops to hold on to their licenses. This allows them more ease when seeking to cash a check or perform anything which requires identification. It also cuts back on further complications, expenses, and other challenges that license collections brought.