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Medical Marijuana Rules to Take Effect Soon

Illinois legislation has taken effort to create the toughest medical marijuana laws in the nation. The law allowing the use of medical cannabis was signed by the governor in 2013 and took effect on January 1st, but actual implementation of the program has yet to take place. This is largely due to the fact that until recently, the rules have been under work by four different government agencies.

The current process of designing the rules for government-sanctioned marijuana growth and distribution has been tedious, to say the least. The various parties involved have brought hundreds of pages to the table in their effort to collaborate on a system that will regulate the product while ensuring its availability to those who need it.

Permit Application Process Begins Soon

Later this month, those who would seek to grow, prescribe, dispense, or purchase cannabis will be able to start the permit application process. There is no telling how long it might take to actually receive such authorization.

The rules surrounding acquisition of medical marijuana are designed to be exceedingly difficult. Patients will have to maneuver a complex process that will require the following:

  • A fee
  • Fingerprinting
  • An identification card from the Illinois Department of Public Health verifying their illness
  • Evidence of a relationship with a treating physician

In addition to limitation in accessibility, the program will be limited in scope-it is only a pilot program, and is scheduled to end in 4 years unless extended. Many questions about the medical marijuana program remain.

Charged with Possession of Marijuana?

Illinois is known for strict laws regarding possession of marijuana, and outside of a prescription, possession of the drug can lead to various penalties. If you have been charged with illegal possession of marijuana, our DuPage criminal defense attorneys can help. We have an intimate knowledge of the legal system enforced by almost 50 combined years of representation, and we can help you seek a favorable outcome. Contact us to obtain the legal guidance you require.

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