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Two Charges Dropped in Aggravated DUI Case

A former deputy in Cook County charged with felony child endangerment and aggravated drunken driving had these charges dismissed after a judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove his guilt.

In February 2012, the man was arrested after rear-ending an SUV at a stoplight. He admitted to drinking a few beers, but refused to take a breathalyzer test. His charge of aggravated DUI was dismissed on account of the fact that he displayed no signs of intoxication at the scene of the arrest, such as slurred speech, loss of balance, and smell of alcohol.

The former deputy had received his other charge because the mother of his teenage daughter had claimed the girl was in his car at the time of the accident. In spite of the fact that the SUV driver also claims to have seen a girl in the car, she was not present at the time of arrest. The lack of evidence has led the judge to conclude that the burden of proof had not been met by prosecution.

Though these charges were dropped, the officer has received two other convictions of DUI, and had his license revoked more than two decades before the accident. He is not likely to be re-deputized.

The man's largely successful defense was due to the service of an experienced lawyer. Our criminal defense attorneys have handled over 10,000 cases, including various DUI charges. Contact our firm to discuss your charges with one of our seasoned lawyers.

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