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August 2014 Archives

ISRA Challenges Firearms Purchase Ordinance in Peoria

An ordinance in Peoria requires anyone purchasing a concealable firearm to submit a certificate, including their right thumbprint and signature, to the police department. This certificate must be completed within 24 hours, and it includes many questions that are also present in the mandatory background check.

Rules Concerning Concealed Carry Rejections Have Been Amended

Those who fail to receive concealed carry permits will now have reasons as to why they do not, according to an Illinois State Police announcement. Previously, a clandestine seven-person Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board met to look over an individual's history with police regarding offenses which did not result in a criminal conviction. When the Board settled on rejecting an applicant, the applicant was notified by mail that they had been denied their permit and were not given an explanation as to the reason.