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$40M Awarded to 5 Men in the State's Largest Wrongful Conviction Settlement to Date

The Illinois State Police has agreed to pay $40 million to "The Dixmoor Five" - five men who were wrongfully convicted of and imprisoned for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Dixmoor in November, 1991.

This settlement is the largest in Illinois history to date. Similar past settlements nationwide include:

  • IL - $36M in 1999 to the Ford Heights Four, convicted of double homicide in 1978
  • Federal - $25M in 2012 to Thaddeus Jimenez, convicted of murdering a teenager in 1993
  • NY - $41M in 2014 to the Central Park Five, convicted of the rape of a jogger in 1989

The settlement awarded to the Dixmoor Five was calculated by awarding $1 million for every year that the 5 men collectively spent in prison. Subsequently, victims of wrongful conviction are beginning to demand similar compensation for their years of wrongful incarceration.

Get the full story by reading this article by the Chicago Tribune.

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