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Woman Ticketed for Facebook Comment

In May, a Bolingbrook woman was surprised to find a ticket for $50 in her mail from the Will County Preserve District. With the ticket, she received a letter of explanation stating that she had "admitted her guilt" about taking her dog to a dog park without a permit. An application for a dog park permit was also included with the ticket and the letter.

Christine Adamski only said that she laughed after reading the letter, knowing that she could fight it.

"I laughed. I was like, this is totally untrue. Obviously I'm not going to pay this."

The ticket came about when a forest protection district employee noticed Adamski's comment on the Whalon Park Dog Park group's Facebook page, where concerns had been shared regarding kennel cough that was going around among some of the dogs using the park. Adamski's comment read:

"I was feeling bad that I haven't bought a pass and been bringing Ginger there but I'm pretty glad I haven't. So not going to worry about it until later. I hope all the doggies get better soon."

The employee forwarded the comment to a forest preserve protection officer, who misunderstood the comment, thinking that Adamski had been bringing her dog to the park without a permit. Lt. Tracey Phillips of the Will County Forest Preserve District Police stated that "the employee had good intentions, but it wasn't a good idea."

Adamski posted about her citation on the dog park page and mentioned the letter stating that she had posted on social media that she had "knowingly entered a dog park without a valid 2014 permit." Adamski's response was "That's dead wrong. I haven't gone there since 2013!"

The ticket has been rescinded and Adamski has been notified. The Forest Preserve District Executive Director Marcy DeMauro stressed that the district doesn't monitor social media looking for potential lawbreakers and that citations should not be issued in this manner.

No disciplinary action has been taken against the officer who issued the citation, but the issue is under review.

Read the full Chicago Tribune story here.

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