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Investigation into Cook County Probation Department Begins

A court-ordered investigation into the controversial practices of the Cook County Adult Probation Department has begun, according to a recent Chicago Tribune report . The probe will look at the relationship between the department and the FBI and Chicago police.

The Chicago Tribune previously reported that the Probation Department collaborated with the FBI and police departments to conduct warrantless and illegal searches of probationers' property. There are accusations that officers planted drugs, stole money and threatened probationers with jail time unless they agreed to serve as informants.

The FBI and Chicago police deny the accusations and said the collaboration was legal. They said the seizures led to crimes being solved, as well as drugs and guns being taken off street.

Critics of the Probation Department said that they used minor things like curfew checks as a pretext to conduct searches or question suspects without proper evidence. They argued that there is "no reason" the FBI or Chicago police would need to be there to see if someone is home at night.

These allegations are yet another example of law enforcement's tendency to overstep its boundaries and engage in illegal activity. Too often, those we trust to protect us and the justice system make questionable decisions that can affect a person's life.

Accused of violating your probation?

If you have been accused of a probation violation, it is important to obtain a qualified attorney to defend you as soon as possible. At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., our probation violation lawyers are former felony prosecutors, so we have an insight into the mindset of prosecutors.

A probation violation can be very serious and lead to fines, and potentially even jail depending on the severity of the charge. Depending on your history, violating your probation can turn a misdemeanor into a felony. When the stakes are this high, a competent attorney is crucial.

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