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Illinois House Votes Down Bill that Would Have Given Repeat DUI Offenders Restricted Driving Privileges

The Illinois House recently voted down a "redemption bill," which would have allowed convicted fourth-time DUI offenders the right to drive with a highly restrictive permit.

The bill was supported by State Rep. Elaine Nekritz, D-Northbrook, who said that she sponsored the bill after a constituent showed her how his life had turned around. If the bill had passed, convicted DUI offenders who had lost their licenses after a fourth offense would have been given a second chance. They would have been eligible for a driving permit that allowed them to drive to and from work. The bill, however, was voted down on May 22.

The bill needed 60 votes to advance, but only received 52. Opponents of the bill were concerned that giving repeat offenders a chance to drive again was too much of a safety risk. Nekritz still has hope for the bill, having used a parliamentary move to preserve a future vote if she can gain support. Such support is unlikely, however, since so few voted for the bill the first time around.

"We need to offer these people hope," Nekritz said. "I know it's controversial. I know it's difficult. But I think it's the right policy for the state of Illinois."

Read more about the bill by reading the original Chicago Tribune article from May 22.

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