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Romeoville Man Charged With DUI After A Crash That Resulted In His Son's Death

In a recent report by the Chicago Tribune, a man has been charged with DUI after a crash resulting in the death of his 4-year-old son who was a passenger in the vehicle. Shannard M.L. Dyer, a Romeoville man, was allegedly driving under the influence when he struck the center median on Interstate 55.

The Tribune reported that there is a trend in child passenger deaths in DUI crashes. Around 1 in 5 child passenger deaths in the U.S. involve an alcohol-impaired driver, studies show. Most people would assume that the highest number of child passenger deaths occur in vehicles that are struck by drunk drivers, but the opposite is true. zing under the influence with a child passenger, he or she could face a fine of $1,000; a minimum of 6 months in jail; and 25 days of community service.

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