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great lawyer

Jan. 24, 2018

Scott Kent was a great lawyer he represented me like a real lawyer should was very professional help me get my case completely dismissed definitely would strongly recommend him to others thanks Scott.

the obvious choice

Nov. 3, 2017

I had the pleasure of being represented by Scott Kent through a DUI charge, a Driving while Suspended charge and a few other cases, all with successful results. Scott is a true fighter in the court room. He knows the criminal law like the back of his hand. He deals with his clients and his colleagues in a calm and reassuring manner, suggesting that this line of work comes completely natural to him. On top of that, he is highly respected and very well known around the DuPage County Courthouse. That being said, I would definitely recommend this attorney to anyone in need of a criminal Justice attorney or anyone with cases within the realm of his practice.

hard-working, knowledgeable and a winner

Oct. 8, 2017

He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met about the law. He was always open to listen to my many, many questions concerning my case (and I'm sure it was annoying to hear) but he never ignored me or made me feel like he was too busy or didn't care. He has extreme attention to detail and is very passionate about helping others. I was completely impressed with his focus on my case and his understanding of the law and how it impacted me specifically. My situation was very dire but he knew exactly what he was doing. He helped me win and I'm forever grateful. I would not only recommend him to friends and family but I would hire him again if the need arose. Thank you for all of your help Scott. I'm finally able to breathe easy again.

very kind, knowledgeable and professional

Oct. 6 2017

When I first contacted Scott with my case, he was very open and welcoming and showed me great empathy! He guided me through the legal process and made things very easy for me to understand! He got the charge against me dismissed thus saving my future and I cannot thank him enough for it! I will remember his excellent service so long as I live on this good earth and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a superb defense attorney who is also kind and compassionate to those who consult with him! Keep up the excellent work Scott!

A civil criminal matter

Sept. 21

Reasonable price, very professional, walked me through entire process. Was a great help and made sure I kept my temper in check during court proceedings

one of THE BEST and most reliable firms out there

Oct. 30, 2017

I received a warrant for my arrest for battery with bodily harm. I didn't know who to turn to or who to trust. Thankfully, Tim Martin came to my aid. He and his firm fought to obtain the evidence I needed to prove my innocence. When the state took the case to trial, I felt confident that my defense was solid, having Mr. Martin and his firm on my side. One of the most capable defense attorneys in.

the best

Oct. 26, 2017

I hired Tim and Scott who both took my felony case, they were so compassionate and amazing with me. It was awesome to know that everyone knew them when I went to the courthouse. Tim got my case dismissed at trial without me having to testify. I was afraid my college degree was wasted but they managed to help! Thank you both


Oct. 26, 2017

I would highly recommend this law firm to everyone it's the best lawfirl I have ever worked with. A few years ago I had 1 traffic case and I hired a different attorney and that one I will not recommend not even to my worst enemy with only 1 traffic ticket and I had to do 2 weeks in jail while I was promised I would not do jail time. AND NOW WITH THE SUPPER LAWYERS TIMOTHY MARTIN AND SCOTT KENT FROM MARTIN & KENT,LLC I had like 6-8traffic tickets back to back and driving while license suspended they were able to help me with the best results I could ever ask for and the best part I didn't do jail time when clearly I could have. They were so understanding that my family depended on me to no be in jail my wife ia a stay home mom with a newborn and 2 more kids. SO YES MARTIN & KENT BEST ATTORNEYS EVER !!


Oct. 26, 2017

When i first met him i was nervous, but he was so kind, courteous, and easy to work with. Truly professional and he takes his line of work quite serious, considering me managed to save me from trouble when i fell with a bad crowd of people. He didn't me down and I promise he won't let you do!


Sept. 28, 2017

I hired Tim when I was facing a possible felony charge. Tim's knowledge in and out of the courtroom is nothing less than brilliance. His reputation in DuPage County far surpasses most. If you want compassion, caring and knowledge, hire this man. Amazing outcome, very favorable, and just. (BTW, no felony charges).


August 31, 2017

I had a few driving in a revoke license. I hired Timothy and Scott. got me a misdemeanor, explained everything clearly and correctly. Mr. Martin is very experienced and polite. I highly recommend him and his team to help resolve your case.

if you need help, tim martin can help

August 2, 2017

I received a warrant for my arrest from DuPage County for battery with bodily harm, even though I didn't harm anyone. I didn't know who to turn to or who to trust. Thankfully, Tim Martin came to my aid. He and his firm fought to obtain the evidence I needed to prove my innocence. When the state took the case to trial, I felt confident that my defense was solid, having Mr. Martin and his firm on my side. One of the most capable defense attorneys in DuPage County and in Illinois, Tim Martin is respected by everyone in the courtroom. If you are fortunate enough to have him fight on your behalf, you can rest easy, knowing that you have the best working on your side.


July 25, 2017

Words cant express how thankful I am for Mr. Martin and his legal team. He handled my case with the upmost professionalism and patience. I was very nervous about the outcome of my case but he was very optimistic about the outcome and assured me numerous times that there was no need to worry. I'm grateful that he was able to help me and to resolve my case in my favor. I highly recommend Mr. martin and his legal team.

THE real deal

July 19, 2017

I whole heartedly recommend Tim Martin as your legal council.
Tim has worked Extremely hard on my behalf to get the judgement I deserved.
If you looking for an attorney with COURT EXPERIENCE look no further. Timothy Martin is the "Real Deal"


July 17, 2017

Tim Martin is absolutely fantastic!! From the minute I walked into his office I was very impressed. Mr. Martin is very professional, kind, caring, and compassionate. Along with all of those great qualities, he is obviously very experienced and aggressive, and started working on my case immediately. Mr. Martin called me multiple times to keep me informed on the details of my case, and to help keep me from worrying too much. Such a wonderful attorney!!! Honestly, I don't think you will find a better attorney than Tim Martin.

When I was afraid of the process, Scott Kent made a difference.

July 21, 2017

I live in Cook County. A warrant was issued for my arrest in DuPage County for injuring a small child. I was scared, confused, and didn't know what to do, because I didn't believe I caused the injury. I was afraid the police or the investigation would be unfair to me, as it looked like a David versus Goliath scenario. Why would anyone believe a large, unmarried man from Cook County over the word of a parent of a small child?

I did not know the evidence against me. I did not know anybody in DuPage County who would care. But Scott Kent and his partner Tim Martin cared. Mr. Kent's law firm gave me the confidence to walk right into the police station knowing I had nothing to fear.

All throughout the process, and at every court date, Mr. Kent and his partner Mr. Martin would fight to give me the evidence I needed to determine if I was guilty of a crime. When the evidence showed I committed no crime, Mr. Kent personally represented me in a trial.

I could not be more pleased with his case on my behalf. Without making accusations or ascribing blame against my accusers, he simply pointed out to a jury of DuPage County citizens that the crime did not happen. Nobody is perfect, but Scott Kent sticks to the facts of the case, and not the character of the parties involved.

The jury decided in my favor, but even if it didn't, I would still give Mr. Kent a superior rating. He let all the decisions be my own, informed me of the risks, and supported me in whatever decision I believed to be the right one. He has good relations with everybody in the courtroom, from the attorneys, to the witnesses, to the judges.

If you are fortunate enough to have Mr. Kent working on your case, you know you have one of the finest, most decent men in DuPage County working on your behalf.

Absolutely Fantastic!

July 13, 2017

Tim Martin is such a wonderful lawyer! Very professional and courteous, he gets the job done and makes it look so easy! He definitely knows what he's doing, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Because of him, my career remains unharmed and I can still achieve the goals I had originally set for myself in life, and continue to pursue grad school to the fullest. If he had not been there, the outcome would have been much, much worse. I very much appreciate what he has done for me, and I can't write enough how grateful I am. If anyone ever needs a lawyer- please, call him.

Thanks again Tim!

Excellent results

May 15, 2017

Mr. Martin did an incredible job representing my son in a residential burglary case. He was able to get the charges reduced and to get him probation. Mr. Martin's vast experience was evident in how he handled a difficult case.

Best of best

April 22, 2017

Really grateful with Mr martin and Mr Aprati for the legal assistance they provided for my brother case. They were very professional and consistent on notifying me that status of the cause. I highly recommend them and definitely would contact them for any future legal case. Considering that my case was difficult one and they delivered.

A true professional

April 5, 2017

Scott was very attentive and helped me with my aggravated speeding case for driving 70+ over the limit. Great guy and very professional attorney.

Forever Grateful

February 9, 2017

I want to begin by thanking you for recently representing my grandson in DuPage and Kane County. I cannot put into words how grateful I am that you were willing to take his case.

My grandson made several bad decisions just after turning 18 years of age which resulted in his arrest. Facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, my wife and I were at a loss on how best to help our grandson. After contacting your firm, a good deal of our burdens’ were lifted.

For almost two years, Mr. Kent worked on my grandson’s behalf. Dealing with aggressive prosecutors, guiding us thru numerous court proceedings and appearances, and answering all of our questions. Due to your firm’s efforts, the felony charges were reduced. Although my grandson is currently doing minimal jail time, the potential outcome could have been far worse.

My family and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Julie, Mr. Martin and Mr. Kent.


December 13, 2016

Hey Tim. I'm sure with a little help you will remember me. You represented me about 15 years ago in my reckless homicide case where my friend was killed in an auto accident where I was driving and under the influence on the expressway. I crossed paths with you on a sidewalk on Dearborn just south of Lake St about 1 1/2 years ago during the summer months. I couldn't tell if you recognized me with the facial hair and being 15 yrs later. I wanted to stop you, but you seemed in a rush and I was a little nervous that you wouldn't recognize or remember me. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did for me and my parents through that whole time in my life. I don't think that I can really ever express the true amount of gratitude that I have for you and the team of people that you put together to keep me from having to go back into one of those jail cells. To this day it still amazes me how you got everything to happen the way you did. I've decided to start the process of getting my DL back in some form, so of course, you and everything you did came to mind. I'm not writing to retain services, I'm sure that you are, and deserve to be, handling wayyyy bigger things than me getting my license reinstated. I just wanted you to know that I still think about you and the work that you did for me, and that to this day I am still grateful for it. I'm just now starting the license process because I finally feel like I'd like to settle down and possibly get married. I've been laid off in the past because of not being able to get to job sites in the suburbs as well, so it will help with that too. So thanks again for being such a great attorney, and for always being so calm, cool and collected when all I could feel was despair and being nauseous while everything was going on. My family thanks you too. Happy Holidays Tim. I hope that life treats you well my friend.

fantastic attorney/person

Oct. 18, 2016

Scott basically gave us 3 free consultations over an issue. Never acted like we were bothering him, gave us great advice and was extremely warm about it. Seems like a fantastic attorney and an even better guy. Thanks Mr. Kent...appreciate it.

excellent lawyer

Oct. 4, 2016

I hired attorney Martin for a dui case in got charged with in dupage county not only was he very well known in the court room but very professional. Money well spent he beat my case it was a pleasure working with him

best legal assistance!!!!

Sept. 9, 2016

We hired Tim and Scott to defend our son on a motor vehicle burglary charge. They were incredible and actually beat the case. Now we are seeking expungement. Our son's future is again bright. We can't thank them enough for all their hard work. Hire these guys if you need help.


Sept. 8, 2016

If I had a thousand tongues, I could not say enough about Martin and Kent. They made sure we knew what was happening through the whole process for my son. They always made time to answer questions and gave us information that we needed. They were always there to help with the next step, when something didn't go right, then paperwork was filed in a timely fashion for the next step. I would highly recommend them. I did recommend them to someone and they were happy as well with Martin and Kent services. They are organized, compassionate, straight forward and honest. value your freedom, Tim Martin is your man


Aug. 12, 2016

I didn't need representation but just advice about a domestic violence case.I told Mr. Kent I was willing to pay for the advice but he happily just gave it to me.He never made me feel like I am just wasting his time and reassured me that there was nothing to fear from what I was planning to do. If ever I get myself in trouble again I would definitely hire his firm. (I previously talked to his partner Mr. Martin, who is equally kind and easy to talk to).I appreciate the fact that they treat you like a person and not a dollar sign.

If you value your freedom, tim martin is your man!

July 18, 2016

I hired Mr. Martin to represent me on a Class IV Felony Possession case. I was facing up to 3 years in prison and initially the State's Attorney was unwilling to offer anything else. Like a magician, he was able negotiate a deal with the State's Attorney that allowed me to be sentenced to TASC Probation with the option of having my conviction vacated once I successfully completed it. This was done in DuPage County, IL which is notorious for harsh sentencing. What is even more remarkable is that I had another case pending in Cook County for the exact same offense! Martin called members of my family to testify so that the judge could see that I was a human being and not just some criminal. In addition, when my case was called again for a possible violation, Tim had already arranged a satisfactory deal with the State so that I would not be resentenced to prison time. I have dealt with lots of lawyers (even have one in my family) and Tim Martin is by far the best I have seen. He is dedicated, thorough, and doesn't treat you like a piece of garbage simply because you made a mistake. If you value your freedom, seriously don't hesitate. Call Martin and Kent ASAP!!!!!


Feb. 17, 2016

Mr. Scott Kent is hands down the best lawyer you will ever have. Outside of his outstanding legal help and advice, I can honestly say he's a great friend. Mr. Kent has helped me on a number of cases and I'm telling you, he crushes it. I won't get into specifics about my recent case but I will tell you this. The state gave me a mandatory 180 day jail sentence. ( mandatory ) I serve 15 days. This gentleman is a straight shooter and a true professional, very passionate about what he does. To Scott and everybody at the law office of Martin Kent and Reidy, my family and myself truly thank you all. Sincerely, Brad

highly satisfied

February 6, 2016

Timothy P. Martin represented me in a criminal case last year. I was highly satisfied with his professionalism, courtesy, and availability. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

suspension thrown out

February 2, 2016

This was my 3rd DUI case. 1st Attorney Tim Martin managed to get the Summary Suspension thrown out so I was able to drive during the lengthy proceedings. I was facing an extended amount of jail time, but Attorney Tim Martin was able to prevent all of that. In the end I walked away with probation, some community service and no jail time thanks to his expertise. All the odds were stacked against me...

greatest lawyer ever!

January 28, 2016

I was nervous about my case (driving on revoked for a second time), Mr. Martin just walked in the court room and had the case more or less thrown out. I paid a small fine, received no jail time or community service, and still had a chance to get my driving privileges back. I would recommend him to anyone with a legal problem, I wish I would have met him early to work on my other cases. Greatest lawyer ever!

kept my nursing license

January 27, 2016

Tim has a charming, confident and humbling way about him that really places him in a higher level than most lawyers. He went above and beyond for me on my dui case and had it reduced to reckless. His great rapport with the judges and other court officials, helped facility a better outcome on my end. Not only did he help me resolve this issue, he helped me to maintain my nursing license.

Excellent outcome

January 18, 2016

After my wife trumped up an argument and lied to the police, I was charged with domestic violence. This jeopardized my professional licenses, as well as my avocation. I hired Tim Martin and he helped me navigate the legal system that my soon to be ex-wife was using to hurt me in as many ways as the bitter woman could...

thanksgiving nightmare over

January 14, 2016

in 2014 I was hospitalized due to a medication mistake, I have no memory of what actually occurred, hearing it was horrible and totally not the real me, charges were pressed, I was scared and was sure the judge was going to throw the book at me, Mr Martin assured me with all odds against me he could win this.. Thank you Mr. Martin, now with hope we can still adopt a child in our future.

Not Guilty!

January 13, 2016

Tim Martin was patient while I was running inpatient from my case. Martin and his team give me a piece of mind. After being arrested for a crime I did not commit, the state wanted to add another charge. Tim got the judge to find me not guilty of two count of domestic battery

An Effective, Responsive and Realistic Attorney!

December 17, 2015

Both Mr. Martin and Mr. Kent were of great assistance to our daughter. They are skillful and obtained good results in what could have been a horrible ending. They are personable , empathetic and reassuring and spent time with us describing the course of action. We appreciate everything that these fine gentlemen have done for the family.

Great Attorney

December 16, 2015

My son was in Wheaton County, Jail. I called Tim Martin from Florida to help my son. He was looking at 10 to 20 years in prison. Tim worked a deal with the State. My son will be out in about 4 years or less. Thanks Tim.

Best lawyer Ever!

November 22, 2015

I was suppose to be headed to prison at my 3rd ptr . Somehow Tim worked an amazing and I recieved a 4th chance. I would definitely recommend him for any case u have.

Great lawyer

October 30, 2015

A great lawyer that knows his stuff he is a legal tiger I hired Tim after I got in trouble this guy got me the best break ever and I was still able to move on with my life and achieve my dreams of becoming a agent.

Thank you Tim!

October 5, 2015

I hired Tim Martin a couple of years ago, and he was nothing less than an amazing attorney. Unlike most others, he had compassion and truly cared about helping me with my situation. My child had been abused and taken away from me, and Tim was by my side every step of the way to make sure my son would come home to me. Although he had never worked with family law, he wanted to help, and that's exactly what he did. Thank you so much for all of your help!


Sept. 2, 2015

Mr. Scott co defended Mr. Niccolai. He was instrumental in researching and documenting the necessary information to help defend Mr. Niccolai. The family was pleased with his professionalism & how the case was handled.


Aug. 4, 2015

Mr. Martin assisted my daughter with three felonies and one misdemeanor. He kept my daughter out of jail, assisted with rehab, doctors, and counseled us thru the roughest times of our lives. Mr. Martin arranged for my daughter to enter into a DuPage County Program instead of Jail. She was on 24 months probation, is clean and sober for 2 1/2 years, she is going to college and getting straight A's...

Fantastic job

July 6, 2015

Definitely would recommend Scott. Did a fantastic job with my case - got it dismissed. Very responsive and encouraging. Felt confident with him on my side. Will always go to him for any legal need.

100% Recommend him

July 9, 2015

Tim is definitely a great lawyer, I would 100% recommend him. The law offices of Martin & Kent were really friendly helpful knowledgeable & successful with helping me with my case. If I ever need a lawyer again which hopefully won't be for awhile I will defiantly call him.

Wonderful job

June 1, 2015

These lawyers did a wonderful job with my cases. They help me Keep my license. They keep me informed abut everything to do with my cases. They are very friendly to all their clients and there families. But in the Court Room there Sharks and they handle business. I was blessed with their presence . So if you need a great lawyers call them or email Mr. KENT @ MR. MARTIN . And thank u guys so much I appreciate u both.

Top of my list

July 4, 2015

Charged with multiple felonies in DuPage Co., The rest of my life was in the balance. I interviewed many lawyers over a months time. Mr Martin and his associates jumped to the top of my list because of the professional manners they dealt with all my concerns. I had difficult decisions to make from the beginning through the end, without a combination of prayer and Mr Martin's knowledge and navigational skills of the court system I would not have proceeded correctly. Some would have made " A great deal " Mr Martin proved me "not guilty" and returned me to continue my life. In my opinion NOT considering Martin and Kent would be foolish.

I was acquitted

April 22, 2015

I just got back from a bench trial. My daughter filed charges because I reprimanded her for acting foolishly. Attorney Kent laid out the case for me, told me exactly how it would go down and what the results would be. He was right on every count. I was acquitted...

Skilled lawyer

June 11, 2015

TIM MARTIN, along with his partner Scott Kent, are the best lawyers money can buy. Tim's experience and preparation got me a win, a well deserved win. He made his points clear to the court to prove me not guilty. If I need a lawyer again, Tim is on my speed dial. I highly recommend Tim Martin as a skilled lawyer.

Put me at my ease

Feb. 9, 2015

When I was pulled over and charged with my second DUI, I was terrified. My first conviction came from when I was freshly 21 and quite stupid, and I've always regretted that decision. This being my second scared the living daylights out of me. I had no idea what would happen in the future, how this would affect me, or what kind of consequences there would be - but I knew if it was anything like the first time, I was in for a long, painful process. I was referred to Martin & Kent by a family friend and Scott immediately put me at ease, and took all (er, most) of the worry off of my shoulders and onto his and Tim's. Unfortunately, if you're ever in this kind of situation, there's no way you'll feel better until it's all said and done, but it's a great feeling to know you're not alone anymore. I didn't call any other lawyers because he gave me the reassurance and piece of mind I was looking for. Also, in terms of costs, they are in line with any other attorney in the DuPage area. Trust me - I went with a cheap lawyer the first time I needed to do this, and it did not turn out well. After my initial court hearing, Tim Martin (Scott's partner) said he'd like to bring it to a bench trial - which was great! I actually had a chance to beat this thing! This past Friday, Scott joined me in court for what turned out to be a four hour trial, and continuously impressed me. He argued about things that I would never have begun to think about. I understand that this is his job, and something he knows how to do very well, but you'll never understand the level of thoroughness, intelligence and fight in Scott until you see him working and fighting for you. When I have gone to court in the past, and even at the trial, everyone in the room makes you feel like a non-human. The states attorney, judge, and everyone else present will often look at you and judge you as a criminal. When I had Martin & Kent with me, there was finally someone who believed me and stood up for me. Throughout the process, I was honest, punctual, and polite as I could possibly be, which helped my case. As long as you can fulfill your duties, they will come through for you. I ended up being found not guilty for the DUI charge and was only given a speeding ticket and court supervision - which Scott even brought down to only 6 months! I can not express how thankful I am for his expertise and persistence. Scott and Tim, you're both fantastic at what you do! Thank you!

Exemplary legal services

Jan.28, 2015

I don't usually write reviews, but wanted to take the time to post my experience with Tim Martin and his office manager, Julie Nelson. I've used Mr. Martin's services on two separate occasions over the last 2 years. Both times he provided me with exemplary legal services, counsel, and advice. He was on top of the many details of my case, represented me extremely well in court, and in...

All be taken care of... and it was

Feb. 7, 2015

I was in a bind and needed help from a lawyer. I called many lawyers, even some who were recommended, only to be told that the charge I had could not be lowered. I called Scott and he immediately called the prosecutor and I had the court date within a week. Scott reassured me that it would all be taken care of and it was. Don't waste your time calling anyone else if you need help. Scott will make you feel at ease and he will get the job done for you.


Feb. 4, 2015

I had a difficult case for Scott Kent and wasn't sure if he could provide the best case scenario. Not only did I avoid jail time but he was able to get me the reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor. This was my second felony reduction and this doesn't happen everyday. The fact that he took the time to meet with the district attorney personally on my behalf meant a lot. He works very hard for his clients and I'm extremely happy with the outcome.

You can trust him to take care of you

Dec 19, 2014 | Rich N

I had Tim represent me, and because he did such a great job on my case - we have kept in touch for almost 15 years. He is one of the most trustworthy people you will meet, and he is a hard worker. You can trust him to take care of you, and to represent you in an extremely professional manner.

Tim is an outstanding lawyer

Oct 30, 2014 | Criminal Defense Client

Tim is an outstanding lawyer. He recently represented my daughter with a theft charge that she was charged with. He did not only get the charge dropped but he made sure that there was nothing on record. You defiantly exceeded my expectations Tim.

Tim is the best of the best

Oct 9, 2014 | Jacquie

Without getting in to much details Tim Martin recently saved my husband from a 2 year jail sentence. This saved my family from a great deal of problems and hard times. Tim is the best of the best out there. Tim definitely went above and beyond with representing us. Would defiantly recommend to people!

No one gave me hope like he did

Oct 8, 2014 | DUI Client

Before deciding to hire Tim to represent me for my DUI charge, I met with three different attorneys and no one gave me hope like he did. Tim really set the bar high. After meeting with him I knew I wanted him to represent me. He not only won my case (which was very important to me, something the other attorneys said was not possible) but he went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered and that I also was armed with knowledge. Tim is just over all a nice guy and I am glad that I know a great attorney to recommend to my family and friends. Thanks for all your great help Tim!

I would absolutely recommend Tim

Oct 6, 2014 | C Gomez

Tim assisted my mother with a horrific situation when her daughter was wrongfully accused and arrested. Tim was right on it. Upon meeting him, Tim was professional, knowledgeable, polite and informative. I would absolutely recommend Tim.

I can't thank Tim or Scott enough

Oct 3, 2014 | Domestic Violence Client

Tim and Scott handled my case quickly and efficiently. I was faced with a domestic charge that could have caused real harm to me and my family personally and professionally. After my wife and I met with Tim, he assured us that my situation could be handled with little or no impact to me or my family. After just three quick court visits, the case was dismissed. I can't thank Tim or Scott enough for all their help.

Mr. kent handled my case excellently

August 20, 2014

I had been faced with a DWI charge and also a misdemeanor for possession of a controlled substance. I hired Mr. Scott Kent as my attorney to represent me in court. Mr. Kent handled my situation excellently. He not only won my trial to get both charges dropped due to illegal search, he also won my trial to get the breathalyzer removed from my vehicle. I highly recommend this attorney. He is extremely educated in the criminal judicial system and was very straight forward with me and the possible outcomes of my case. He was also very prompt with this case and was able to close this issue within 6 months and let me get back to my life before the DWI. I can't thank him enough for that.

Knowledgeable, honest & dependable

Aug 6, 2014 | Heath

Tim Martin did an incredible job representing myself and my case his fees are very reasonable. Tim is knowledgeable, honest, and dependable. I have previous felony convictions and he was still able to get my case dismissed. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a top notch criminal lawyer that is also extremely affordable. Thanks Tim for everything now I can get on with my life. Sincerely, Heath T.

Every penny I spent was well worth it

Aug 3, 2014 | Steve

After dealing with a couple of not so helpful lawyers for a DUI arrest, a family member suggested I contact Timothy Martin. After my first meeting with Timothy, I knew this was the lawyer for me! He is patient and extremely knowledgeable in the area of DUI. He knows how to properly guide you step by step on what to do. I never felt like I didn't know what was going on. He met with me before each and every court date and instructed me on what was going to take place. He never led me wrong. I would highly recommend Timothy to anyone, especially with regard to a DUI arrest. Thank you Timothy for getting my case dismissed! Every penny I spent was well worth it when you have someone like Timothy that has your back! Forever grateful! Steve

Compassionate, caring, professional

Jul 10, 2014 | Client

Having contacted several firms, I found Martin & Kent to be the most approachable, professional and understanding. Both Tim Martin and Scott Kent provided legal representation and advice, both handled my case with compassion and a personal understanding that put me at ease. I would highly recommend both these attorney's if you want a firm who you can trust .

I would have lost my job if I didn't win

Jul 10, 2014 | DUI Client

Thank you Mr. Scott Kent for getting me off my DUI charge. I would have lost my job if I didn't win. I appreciate all the time you took with me during my case.

They did a great job in representing me

Jul 7, 2014 | Domestic Battery Client

I was arrested and spent a night in jail for Domestic Battery against my girl friend. It was humiliating. I did my research and hired Martin & Kent. They did a great job in representing me, getting my case dismissed and expunged. Highly recommended.

He explained the law and all of my options

Jun 24, 2014 | Rick

Mr. Martin handled the defense of my DUI case to my satisfaction. He explained the law to me and all of my available options, allowing me to choose the best defense for me, and thus, bringing my case to it's conclusion.

Words cannot explain how grateful I am

Jun 21, 2014 | Erica

Mr Martin represented me 16 years ago I was young and dumb and had my whole future ahead of me but one simple choice could have ruined that. Words can not explain how grateful I am that he was recommended to me and took my case. As a result of his many years and knowledge of the law and great experience as an attorney I can still have a bright future.

Works hard on each and every case

Jun 19, 2014 | Terri

Timothy P. Martin took my fiance's case. This was a very personal family matter in which an excellent attorney was in need. My fiance was locked up for being a very protective father. For an incident which at this time is a very severe problem in the Northwest Suburbs and this particular county of DuPage County, Illinois. The problem is a terrible heroin problem with young kids dying from overdoses. I went online searching for a not good but an excellent attorney and Tim Martins rating was excellent. Now you can't always believe what you read, so I called Tim and he wasted no time getting on the phone with me. We spoke for some time and he himself was shocked at what had happened to our daughter. He put me at ease with his knowledge and he went to the jail to speak to my fiance at the county lock up the following day to see how he was and to assure him that he would take his case and handle it with care. And indeed he did. He called often to see how things were with our daughter and the entire family. Tim takes the time to not only make sure that the accused is ok but he also has deep compassion for the family of a wrongfully accused person. Tim understands that there is stress on the family also. I have to say that when this happened I talked to quite a few attorneys. However, after speaking with Timothy Martin my mind and heart was at ease. Tim Martin is an excellent attorney who works hard on each and every case. He has empathy and care and puts his heart and soul into each case that he is involved with. I am so happy with his work as my fiance and our entire family. The reason is that Timothy P. Martin worked hard and proved in a court of law that my fiance should be and is today a free man. I could go on and on about Tim Martin but what the truth is, is that Timothy P Martin is not a good attorney but an excellent attorney. If just a good attorney is what you are looking for it's not Tim you want because Timothy P. Martin is an excellent attorney.

He was very punctual at each court session

Jun 16, 2014 | Madhuri

Tim Martin represented our case on domestic violence charge for our son. He was very professional, clear and sharp in all his communication with our family. This being our first time in court, we were very nervous but Mr. Martin gave us re-assurance and courage and provided us with the necessary details & information. He was very punctual at each court session, presented and helped close the case efficiently.

Mr. Martin exceeded my expectations

Jun 14, 2014 | Stephanie

Tim Martin is an outstanding attorney. Not only is he a complete professional with a vast amount of knowledge and skill but he has the sincerity and compassion most attorneys lack. Having used a number of attorneys throughout the years, Mr. Martin exceeded my expectations on all levels. I only wished I had found him sooner! He is a TEN in my book and I will refer him out to everyone I know professionally and personally!

He is very experienced and this shows

Jun 11, 2014 | Victoria

My middle aged father was facing a potential sentencing of a 5-year incarceration. Timothy Martin's defense allowed my father to walk home the day of sentencing with a probationary period that requires community service. He's a great guy and not only knows his stuff, but he is very experienced and this shows in the court room. I recommend him to everyone in need of a great legal defense!

We are eternally grateful for the results

Jun 5, 2014 | Domestic Violence Client

I selected Tim Martin as our attorney for a sticky family domestic violence problem. We did not anticipate the charge when the police showed up to help us address a family dispute, and were traumatized by the subsequent incarceration of our teen son, and possible negative lifelong consequences that go with that kind of charge on one's legal record. I selected Tim after interviewing him and another attorney because of his personable and knowledgeable style. As the father, right away he put me at ease about my son's situation, reassuring me that he thought he could easily win the case in our favor. He guided us through some turbulent times on how to deal with the legal system, the process of going through it, etc. When the hearing finally came for the charges (domestic violence and criminal damage to property) he had the case dismissed within minutes. It was a big relief for our family. Also, Tim is one of the most open minded, and positive individuals I ever expected to encounter in the legal field, particularly criminal law. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we are eternally grateful for the results. I highly recommend Tim as someone who will 'have your back' from beginning to end on a case, and provide the expertise and service you deserve.

I would absolutely recommend this law firm

Jun 3, 2014 | Aaron

I was arrested for DUI in Westmont. I took the field sobriety test but didn't blow. after reviewing and calling various lawyers I choose Martin and Kent to represent me. Mr. Martin took the case to trial and won. Though it took a long time for me to be found not guilty (9 months) I would absolutely recommend this law firm because ultimately I got off and look forward to getting it expunged as well.

I would recommend him wholeheartedly

May 20, 2014 | Domestic Violence Client

Mr. Martin was a great help for my domestic violence arrest. He told and guided me through everything I needed to do for the court process. He also gave me the confidence that everything would be okay in the end and he did succeed ultimately. On top of it he got be back into my home and had the case dismissed. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

I was in awe of the way that Tim handled the situation

May 8, 2014 | Stacie

The first time that I met Tim Martin was at my close friends trial for breaking and entering, aggravated assault and theft. My friend was facing 5 years in prison and Tim got it dropped to 4 years of probation with some community service. I was in awe of the way that Tim handled the situation and very happy that my friend didn't have to go to jail as he is disabled and is the single father of 4 children. I would definitely recommend Tim as a criminal attorney to anyone!

highly recommend scott kent

April 24, 2014

Scott is a great lawyer. The outcome of my DUI case was much better than I ever imagined. He was extremely professional and personable. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

SCOTT handled our case with aplomb

April 23, 2014

Scott was extremely professional yet personable, handled our case with aplomb, was direct and clear in all of his dealings with us and shepherded us through the legal process painlessly - as well as securing a judgement in our favor! Highly recommended.

Guardian Angel is what I consider Mr. Martin

Mar 31, 2014 | Nancy

Guardian Angel is what I consider Mr. Martin, because he watched over me and protected me from worst conviction I was originally told. I originally had hired an attorney whom I paid upfront half and he was just my worst mistake. He informed me that the day of my court date since it was a continuous that I did not have to be there. The following day his rude secretary left me a voicemail saying to contact them immediately. Once I did she informed me that I missed my court and there was a warrant out for my arrest. Was I upset! I turned myself in call them several times back to inform of my next court date which he never showed up. I was going insane because the judge had given me one month to come back with a lawyer or I would go to trial. After reviewing so many and as the day came closer, I found myself looking into Mr. Martin's profile reading all his great reviews just gave me a great encouragement to call him. When I heard his voice I swear, it brought peace to my heart and mind he said to me I was in good hands and he would take care of me. NOT TO WORRY. It was a Sunday, what law offices are open or even bother to answer their phones on a Sunday!? As soon as he took charge of my case he handled it and got me the best results I could have ever expected, being my first time getting a DUI. My record is going to be wiped clean after I take a class and few hours of community service. I'm truly blessed to have contacted him. He is the best out there and affordable. Will never be thankful enough, you gave me my life back! God bless you Mr. Martin!

I had the most favorable outcome in my DUI case

Mar 29, 2014 | DUI client

I am an International student and had a DUI. At the time I had a driver's license from my home country which meant to the State that I didn't have a valid driver's license. There was a video of the arrest and things were looking pretty ugly to me. He rescheduled the court date several times for me and told me which documents to get which would help my case. All in all, I had the most favorable outcome in my DUI case. Before the final court date I also had a Public Intoxication ticket and I called Martin to represent me in court. The result - case dismissed. He and Scott are very confident in court. You can see that they have a lot of experience. I got very valuable pieces of advice from them for the future. Thanks again!

Agreed to take this $30,000 case pro bono

Feb 18, 2014 | Burt

My boyfriend was being named a suspect of rape and we needed to attain legal advice from an attorney quick after calling around to several different law firms day after day and being turned down, put off, asked for large amounts of money down that we did not have. We were emotionally drained and almost gave up hope. That is until we meet Mr. Tim Martin we explained that we were being falsely accused of a crime and we needed help fast. Believe it or not this is the only lawyer that believed in us. We explained to him that we were poor people and didn't have any money to put down on this case. This wonderful guy not only paid for a lie detector test out of his own pocket on our behalf but he also agreed to take this $30,000 case pro bono that eventually freed my boyfriend of being called the accuser .Honestly we don't know what we have done if we didn't meet this great guy Individuals like Mr. Martin himself makes this world a better place! May God Bless him. Thank you so much!

His professionalism has inspired me

Feb 16, 2014 | Client

Hello, I think Mr. Martin is professional, reliable, and I am glad he told me what i wanted to hear because it made me feel better, gave me hope, and help me think better. Sometimes that's all you really need when unexpected happens. He represented me in front of the Judge with outstanding communication skills. He trusted me, looked at my background and realized that I am a good guy who happens to be in trouble because of one time mistake. He was able to read me that I am indeed telling the truth. His professionalism has inspired me to pursue a J.D. for professional studies. I prefer to be as objective as possible therefore I am going to be honest. If these two things would have been done then I would say Mr. Martin achieved perfection as far as my case was concerned regardless of the result of the case: 1) I did not get a phone call or an email a day before as a reminder of my court date. 2) I did had to wait almost 2 hours for his arrival and It did made me anxious, nervous because I was not sure if he would show up. I would highly recommend Mr. Martin. He has got to be one of the best. I hope my review will serve best to people seeking legal help and Mr Martin as to things that needs improvement. Good luck everyone!

We would hire him again if needed

Feb 11, 2014 | Client

My family has used Tim Martin and his firm over the last two years dealing with our son's multiple arrests due his heroin addiction. This has been the most emotionally draining and time consuming problem imaginable for any family to go through. Tim Martin has helped us tremendously and done a great job keeping my son out of jail and the felony off his record. Although my son is still struggling through recovery, Tim and his firm remained loyal and dedicated to giving him the best legal representation inside and outside the courtroom. We initially interviewed 5 different attorneys and we chose Tim based on his accomplishments and reputation in the courthouse. His $$$ fee structure was either the same or below the other 5 law firms interviewed and he earned every penny of what we have paid him. We would hire him again if needed and would recommend him to any friend or family member of ours.

none are as good as scott kent

Feb. 11, 2014

Scott is an excellent attorney. He is well known in all the Illinois courts as an honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable attorney. He has helped many clients. He helped me out many times. I know a lot of attorneys and none are as good as Scott Kent. I would recommend Scott Kent to anyone who needs expert legal services at a reasonable cost.

He listened to my concerns and responded with empathy

Feb 7, 2014 | Criminal Defense Client

I have a good feeling about this one. He listened to my concerns and responded with empathy. Offered additional help and advice that I greatly appreciated. I found his strategy about my case sensible and logical - something I did not experience with other attorneys I met with.

scott kent helped me get my license back

Feb. 6, 2014

Scott Kent is a great lawyer. I would really recommend him. He helped me get my license back and also beat my case, If it wasnt for him I don't know where i would be...

SCOTT KENT is a great lawyer!!!

Jan. 3, 2014

Scott is a great lawyer, who always kept me informed of what was to be expected. I never ran into any surprises thanks to everything he explained ahead of time. His fees were also very reasonable, when compared to other attorneys I met with previously. Due to his aggressiveness and all the documentation we provided, he was able to get one of my convictions removed. Thanks to that I will only be under supervision for the next 2 years, instead of going to jail!!! I would recomend this great lawyer to anyone.

One of the best lawyers I have ever come across

Dec 27, 2013 | Client

I would highly recommend Attorney Timothy P. Martin to anyone that feel that they need legal advice or help with any case! I walk into his office for the very first time in need of legal advice and this lawyer made us feel so very welcome. He was very attentive as I explained my case to him. He gave us the answers that we were looking for pertaining to my case. This is a very honest, smart, aggressive attorney that truly cares and believe in his clients. I'm so glad that I found this attorney because he really truly cares. I walked out of his office feeling relieved instantly after speaking with him. GREAT GUY HE IS!

Excellent representation by Timothy P. Martin

Nov 25, 2013 | Nicholas

Represented me on attempt possession of alcohol by minor. Mr. Martin was able to get a fair sentence for me, and I did not lose my license. My speeding/traffic ticket was dismissed.

I wouldn't work with another attorney

Nov 17, 2013 | Michael

The first time I ran into Tim in the court room he made it feel like a basic conversation between to people. Might be a little costly but completely worth it. I wouldn't work with another attorney without his recommendation. And Kent has always been honest with me, even with a bad outcome. They been able to beat every beatable ticket that I presented to them. Both of them make a great team.

Did everything he said would and more!

Nov 13, 2013 | Pierre

I had a criminal case and from the start they told me not to worry. Its hard to trust anybody of course especially people you do not know! If you are looking for a good inexpensive lawyer he is your guy. Did everything he said would and more! Thanks so much!

I left his office feeling comforted & protected

Nov 9, 2013 | Domestic Violence Client

From the moment I called Mr. Martin's office, even prior to retaining his services, I knew I had made correct choice. I was well-informed of the most likely outcome of my case; which is exactly what occurred. Once I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Martin, I left his office feeling comforted, protected and knew the course of action that would be taken. He navigated the system with ease, I always knew where to go, when to be there, what to say (or not say), and what to expect. Quite frankly, he gave excellent expert advice and gave me the feeling of being in charge of my future. Mr. Martin was able to get my actual hearing date expedited and on that date, just as quickly, my case was dismissed. Had I not found my way into his hands, things could have gone completely different. I would hire his firm again if needed and I would recommend him to family and friends without hesitation. His knowledge of the workings of the court was more than impressive. This was a very trying time in my life with a situation in which I never dreamed I would find myself, and having Mr. Martin on my side gave a sense of security that I was truly lacking. There was no longer fear of the unknown and I truly cannot thank him enough. I never had to wait to speak with him if I had any questions and I was never made to feel that my questions or concerns were unimportant. He was honest and straight forward but, at the same time gentle and reassuring. He and his firm are extremely professional and experts in their arena. Once again, I cannot thank him enough.

A lawyer you can trust at a fair price

Oct 30, 2013 | Chris

When I was arrested Tim came to the rescue he got my bond reduced in a matter of a couple hours then he fought for a fair deal with the prosecutor I couldn't have asked for more I definitely would use Tim again if I ever need a lawyer.

He is always prepared & seems to genuinely care

Jul 21, 2013 | Teresa Mcadams

I endorse this lawyer. Tim Martin is renowned for his ability to aggressively fight for his clients. He has a history of being successful because he is humble and honest, which endears him to juries, judges, and prosecutors. He is always prepared and seems to genuinely care about his clients. I have always been impressed by Tim Martin's professionalism. If you are in trouble, Tim will really help you through the crisis.

We went to trial and won

Jul 18, 2013 | Larry

Tim is a great lawyer for felonies. i was charged with aggravated battery against a police officer. We went to trial and won after only 3 hours of Jury deliberations. I was so scared for six months during the pending case and Tim keep me informed and up to date on everything. Thanks Tim!

Tim is a good guy and a good attorney

Apr 21, 2013 | Jasen

Tim is a good guy and a good attorney. He asked the right questions and called the right witnesses and went to bat for me. He also listened to what I had to say and had a second attorney at court. As a result, I was found innocent of the false accusations my ex-wife filed against me. I would recommend Mr. Martin to anyone.

Made the best of what could have been a devastating ...

Apr 21, 2013 | DUI Client

Mr. Martin made the best of what could have been a devastating situation.

Tim firmly believed in my innocence

Apr 21, 2013 | Criminal Defense Client

Attorney Tim Martin represented me on a misdemeanor battery case during the post-conviction phase. I sought Mr. Martin's assistance after discharging my original trial counsel due to grossly ineffective assistance and colossal legal errors. Tim stepped right in and immediately began filing the appropriate motions with the Court for relief from probation requirements and counseling requirements. This was an extremely difficult case dealing with sensitive issues in the public arena. I had the State's Attorney, probation, and the public against me, but Tim firmly believed in my innocence and continued to file every relief motion he possibly could. At one point in time, he even asked the Court to reconsider the original sentence. He fought extremely hard at every court hearing, utilizing any legal avenue he could. It's just a shame the judge was very prejudiced and rarely ever gave me a fair shake. However, considering I had the weight of the State and Probation against me, things turned out much better than they could have. Tim was able to convince the judge to grant me specific relief on the requirements of probation and counseling. I have no doubt that if Tim Martin had been my original trial counsel, we would have surely won the entire case. Tim does not allow the State to get away with their lies and bull sh-- about actual innocent clients. He is not afraid to interrupt the State or rebut them when needed. Even to this day, Tim is still exploring avenues for me to see if there is any possibility of vacating the plea and conviction involving my case. He promptly returns phone calls and always thoroughly investigated the law surrounding my specific case. I would not hesitate to have him represent me again if he was able to reopen my case and vacate my conviction.

One the hardest working attorneys I know

Apr 21, 2013 | Robert Heap

Tim is a credit to the legal community. He is honest and one the hardest working attorneys I know. I recommend him without reservation.

Thank you so very much for saving us

Mar 28, 2013 | Domestic Violence Client

I was charged with two counts of domestic battery after my wife called police to mediate in a verbal argument we had. What we did not realize it, that the police mediates by arresting and charging. I am a physician and this arrest nearly ruined my life. For two months at our home it was like a funeral. What will happen? Will I go to jail? Will I lose my license? what will happen to my kids? My wife pleaded the police to not arrest me but they even threatened to arrest her. They forced her to give a written statement, which was verbatim what police told her to write. When she protested they threatened to take our kids away to foster homes. They took pictures of a pimple on her chin, alleging this was bodily harm I caused. When I was bailed out after being treated like a criminal for a night, I started looking for attorneys. Everyone seemed to scare me into coming to their office immediately to pay a retainer if I want to succeed. I remember first visiting Mr. Martin's website. something about it made me feel I want to talk to him. But I got scared. I thought he is such a big lawyer, why would he care about a petty domestic battery case. So I went to a different attorney and signed up. I immediately regretted after paying the retainer. No idea of what the plan is, no re assurance, not even a "don't worry it will be fine". The very next day, my wife mentioned Tim Martin again and I expressed my fear. I went to work and received a call from Mr. Martin after my wife had spoken to him and explained what had happened. From the first time I heard his voice, I was absolutely relieved. He never pressurized me and advised me over the phone about my options. He told me about the procedure and exactly what will happen in court and how it will happen. I remember him telling me, "I will do the talking and you would not even have to say a word". We will get you your life back, we will get this case dismissed. These reassuring remarks may not mean a lot to some, but to me It was absolutely necessary. I went to see him and remember how he was so compassionate and nice. He saw me cry and consoled me. He told me that my problem is his problem now. I felt I had come to the right place. I fired the previous attorney and retained him the same day. He even gave me a package deal and assured me that he will get the case dismissed and followed by expungement of records. Since then I called him several times while the case was pending and so did my wife. Sometimes on days I was just feeling scared and down. He understood us and always was nice to us. I will not discuss our defense strategy here, but I am sure readers will understand how every case is different. Today when I stood outside the court room minutes after my case was dismissed on second hearing without me ever have to say a single word in court room, all the events in prior days were before my eyes. And then the kind voice of Mr. Martin, "Go enjoy your life now, sometimes bad things happen to good people and I do what I do to make sure these good people get a second chance, I represent people like you who are victims of bad circumstances, who are not crooks or thief". If you are reading this review and are charged with domestic battery, and you do not know which door to knock to scream that you are innocent, this is a misunderstanding. I advise you call Tim Martin. I promise hiring him to represent you will be the best decision you will ever make. I am forever a big fan of Mr. Martin and would recommend him to anyone I hold dear to me. Thank you so very much for saving us Mr. Martin.

He knows the system and he knows the law

Feb 21, 2013 | Ronald Burdge

You know what makes a great defense attorney? Someone who worked in the prosecutor's office. With recommendations from attorneys who know him and clients who love him, it's easy to recommend attorney Martin. He knows the system and he knows the law. His years of experience can also tell you what to expect when you deal with the Criminal Law Justice System. If you have a questions about Criminal Law, he is your answer. Simple as that.

Worked together on matter

Oct 21, 2012 | Elizabeth Chacko

I was initially impressed with Tim's skills and professional demeanor as he was able to multi-task between criminal and family law with an extensive knowledge of both areas of law. However, his dedication to meeting his clients' needs separates him from the rest of the field. Tim is honest, reliable and hard working and I strongly endorse him.

I consider him a trusted companion and friend

Oct 16, 2012 | Alphonso

Tim has represented me on several traffic offenses, and has always been on time, informative, and his advice has been dead on with respect to my case. I consider him a trusted companion and friend. I would recommend him for his line of specialty any day. He also has a great network of legal associates in others areas of specialty.

I'm very happy with the way everything turned out

Oct 16, 2012 | Robbie

I highly recommend Tim Martin and his firm too. I got a DUI an did not know what to do, I knew of Tim through a couple of friends that had great luck with him in the past, so I made the call, he responded immediately and put me at ease on what to do next. He got the charge dropped to reckless driving and waived my suspension. Tim explained everything to me and got my fines reduced to almost half since it was my first offense. I'm very happy with the way everything turned out. If you have a serious problem like mine call Tim Martin and you will be very happy with the results.

He got all charges against us dropped

Oct 14, 2012 | Client

My teenage son was accosted by a police officer; not any officer but a Commander. This happened in our front yard and within minutes the Commander, my son, my husband and myself were involved in brawl. My husband and I were desperately trying to get this man off our son. We were both arrested along with my son. Tim Martin represented the three of us and he got all charges against us dropped. He was professional and really knew his way around a court room. I honestly don't know how this would have gone if another attorney were representing my family. The icing on the cake was that the "commander" was released from the police department the day of the final trial.

He is an excellent lawyer!

Oct 6, 2012 | Carlos

Excellent! I definitely recommend Tim because he knows what he's doing. I had a DUI charge a year ago and we started a trial like 2 months ago, although i thought it took long time to start the trial, i think hes very professional and very knowledgeable on his job. He pulled off my DUI charges and i do not have any record of this. I really appreciated what he did and very thankful.

I will be forever grateful for Tim's help

May 31, 2012 | Judy

When I was served with a summons to appear in court for a trial, I needed to have an attorney who believed in my case and was willing to prove in a court of law that I was not responsible for the charges that were made against me. My previous attorney wanted me to just give in to the demands of the plaintiff and pay whatever they were looking for in order to make them go away. I could not do that because I was not responsible for the charges that were being made against me. Tim Martin knew that I was not responsible for the charges and he was willing to defend me in a court of law. He did exactly that! He defended my position and proved in a court of law that there was negligence on the part of the attorney representing the plaintiff. The judge/court heard the case at trial that Tim presented and the judge ruled in my favor. Tim Martin is as professional as they come. He is everything that his overall ratings state. So if your looking for an attorney who is professional, of moral character, trustworthy and willing to fight your battle for you, then Tim Martin is the best attorney to have in your corner. My case was not a major case, but Tim pursued it and was just as diligent as though it were a major trial; he saved me thousands of dollars. I will be forever grateful for Tim's help in my legal matter and the respect that was shown to me as his client.

Thanks a million Tim

May 25, 2012 | Mike

I can't believe he got my felony drug possession case thrown out of court based on the cop doing an illegal search of my car. Now we are getting an expungement of my arrest. Thanks a million Tim.

Now I have my life back

Apr 29, 2012 | Noah

Tim and his firm are the best. I got a DUI and thought me career was over. They were the most informative group I interviewed (six firms) and I hired Tim. I was not sleeping at night for the first month until they got my suspension thrown out. Then we went to jury trial and won. He prepared me for my testimony for hours and I was so comfortable going on the stand. Now I have my life back. Best move I made hiring this guy!

Tim Martin saved my life, career & future

Mar 26, 2012 | Domestic Violence Client

Tim Martin saved my life, career, and future. I can't say enough about how great of a lawyer he is. I went to him in December to help me with a domestic battery charge that was brought against me by my boyfriend. I thought my life was over and all my hard work of finishing school in the medical field was gone. But it wasn't, Tim worked hard to win my case, and really showed during trial how devoted he is to fighting for you. He got my case dismissed. He reassured me every step of the way, always took my calls, and made me feel confident in my time of stress with his knowledge and experience, that this case would be won. If you need a lawyer, and want to win your case, this is the guy! I am really lucky to have had him for my lawyer.

I'd definitely choose him again

Jan 14, 2012 | Federal Crime Client

I would definitely recommend this lawyer because he dealt with everything quickly and won the case in my favor. I live out of the county where the case was so he was very considerate of my time and was able to change the court date to a time of my convenience and did it very quickly. He was able to reduce the charges and keep my record as clean as possible. Besides his knowledge with the law he also seemed to know all the other lawyers and was on good terms with them so I believe his connections ended up helping my case quite a bit. He is a very social and knowledgeable man and works with you and besides that his fees are also very reasonable. I talked to a lot of other lawyers and I'm glad I chose Tim. Other lawyers were asking as much as double what he did and he actually worked with me and got to know my case more than those lawyers. I'd definitely choose him again if I had to.

Tim did exactly what he said he would

Dec 25, 2011 | Georgie

Excellent results. Tim did exactly what he said he would accomplish. my wife and i were arrested on the same night. me for DUI and her for interfering with my arrest. Tim won my DUI and I didn't even have to testify. my wife's case was reduced to disorderly conduct with six months erasable court supervision. Thanks to Tim and the guys at his office! They are the best!

Thank you for your great work and patience

Dec 16, 2011 | Tom

In times of weakness, we all do stupid things. To make a long story short, I was arrested for DUI in my own town. I am no friend of the police, already with an 8 year old DUI on my record, & I was facing some serious fines/trouble/etc in getting my license back. Fortunately I found this site when researching for lawyers, & found the impeccable reputation of Mr. Tim Martin and Mr. Scott Kent. When meeting with them, they were professional, knowledgeable, and gave comfort with their knowledge on my particular situation. After they reviewed the evidence, they advised that a Reckless Driving charge would be my best bet, & they got it! The process took a while, which I totally attribute to the prosecution & Court System, but well worth the wait in Gold. Thank you Tim & Scott for your great work and patience! I would definitely recommend the practice of Martin & Kent to anyone in any kind of trouble.

They are reasonably priced, fair & open

Dec 13, 2011 | DUI client

Martin & Kent is a very well-known DuPage County law firm. They are well respected with both state and local prosecutors. They are reasonably priced, fair and open with expectations.

Saved my college career!

Nov 29, 2011 | DUI client

Being a freshman in college, I got into some trouble with underage drinking. I was facing a DUI charge and I thought I was going to be kicked out of school. Tim took my case and helped me take care of everything so I didn't have a record and was able to stay in school. I am so thankful because this could have ruined my entire future. I would highly recommend Tim as a lawyer!

I made a great choice in hiring him

Nov 8, 2011 | Criminal Defense Client

After speaking to several attorney's I chose to hire Tim Martin to take my son's case. Not only was he reasonably priced, but he was also VERY reputable, knowledgeable and was REALLY willing to work with us. We went to Tim in despair when my son was charged with 2 very serious criminal felonies and we were immediately put at ease. Tim picked this case up by the horns and went above and beyond what he is entitled to do as an attorney. He handled this case efficiently and quickly and we were very amazed and VERY thankful! My son was looking at 2 years in jail and Tim worked his magic and was able to get 1 felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor and the other felony charge dismissed and the 2 years in jail was taken off the table! WOW is all I can say! This is something the other attorney's that I spoke with told me could not happen! My son walked away with 2 years probation and a misdemeanor. Tim worked his magic and produced GREAT results and has given my son a second chance at life. We can't express enough how thankful we are! I would not hesitate to hire Tim again and would recommend him to anyone I know. LUCKILY, I stumbled across AVVO.com looking for an attorney for my son and Tim definitely stood out among the rest. I made a great choice in hiring him or things could have turned out very differently. If you are looking for an attorney to handle a tough case for you and handle it well. Tim Martin is the guy hands down! He's a GREAT guy and produces GREAT results!

They won my DUI case

Jul 25, 2011 | Dony

I seriously recommend them I went to 6 different lawyer that promised me promise me stuff and I still did not felt safe. After I went to the free consultation I decide to hire them on the spot without thinking about it because I felt that they were really honest. Anyways I hired them and they WON my DUI case! :) Yay! I am so thankful to them that even a thank you is not enough. They are so good that everything went by so fast that I couldn't believe it :) when the judge said I am innocent I was like what OMG. If I ever need a lawyer these are my lawyers I love them :) thank you so much.

I am 100% satisfied with the whole situation

Jul 13, 2011 | Carrie

Tim, Mike & Scott were all very friendly and very accommodating. I got in trouble for the first time for retail theft and i was embarrassed and nervous. However, Tim does not make you feel like a criminal or like any less of a person. He makes you feel comfortable and I knew I could trust him going into court. He won my case and I am 100% satisfied with the whole situation.

Tim really made me feel comfortable

Jul 13, 2011 | DUI client

Last summer I got a DUI after coming home from a bar. I hired Tim as my lawyer after a friend highly recommended him. Tim really made me feel comfortable and gave me hope that things would work out. I only got probation for my DUI which is great because I did a breathalyzer and field sobriety test so the odds were really against me. If it wasnt for Tim I'd probably be in a lot deeper than I am.

Tim pretty much saved my life

Jul 12, 2011 | Criminal Defense Client

Tim pretty much saved my life. I have been in and out of trouble for the past couple years and i recently got arrested for breaking and entering a car while i was intoxicated and was caught with several items from it. Somehow Tim found a loophole in the system and got me probation and an expungeable record, which is beyond what i could have imagined would happen. i am sincerely grateful for the expertise Tim showed in court and i would recommend him to the highest degree

If it wasn't for Tim, I would be sitting in prison

Jul 8, 2011 | White Collar Crime Client

My sister and I were charged with theft of 1.5 millions dollars from government property. Imagine running a family business that made no money, you owed the bank about $100,000, you took an overdraft protection from the bank because Suppliers were complaining of checks bouncing and we sold the store for dirt cheap because it did nothing for our family. Months after the business was sold we found ourselves in the middle of an investigation for theft. We weren't even worried at that point because we took nothing and felt confidence on that. After 3 years, they show up and arrested my sister and I claiming we took 1.5 million. I live in an apartment, have a disabled son that I can barely afford the kind of therapy he needs, my bank statements are very accurate, etc. Anyway we were both facing 3-7 years in prison and we thought our lives were over. We found Tim because we needed the best lawyer for this type of problem and when we Googled, Tim's name popped up in numerous areas. Of all the lawyers Tim was on our case from the get go. He told us he would do his absolute best to keep us both out of jail and to get the restitution much much lower. As promising as this was I thought to myself even if the restitution was 100k I'm still screwed as I don't have that kind of money. After 8 months of battling this out in court Tim got me and my sister 2 years probation and a 15k restitution that we must pay in 2 years. I am SOOO bless we found Tim as I truly believe if we kept the other lawyer we had before Tim, I would of been sitting in prison right now, my wife would of had to cancel my son's therapy, my outstanding job would of been gone. Thank you so much Tim! I highly recommend Tim to anyone who is facing any charge. Good luck to all!

His trial skills are unmatched in the courthouse

Jun 21, 2011 | Thomas O'Connor

I have known Mr. Martin my entire legal career as a former felony Prosecutor. When I started as a State's Attorney he was already ranked as the top criminal defense attorney and was a great source of information. His trial skills are unmatched in the courthouse. He is known for taking the most difficult cases to trial and winning them.

This is one terrific firm that can win your case!

May 6, 2011 | Brian

I was arrested twice within a two and half week span on two felony charges. Tim, Scott, and Mike took my case and help put me at ease. Once the case was resolved I received an outcome that I did not think was possible. I left with two years of probation, no jail time, and once the probation is over I will have no felony convictions on my record. Tim and his partners were extremely professional and helped get a second chance after making some very poor choices. Thank you to Tim, Scott, and Mike for all your help. I highly recommend anyone with any legal problems to give Tim a call! This is one terrific firm that can win your case!

My son was able to walk away with no record

May 2, 2011 | Client

My 20 son has a drug and alcohol problem: with at least six probation violations and 3 additional Felony charges Martin & Kent was able to PERSUADE the judge to give this kid a fighting chance by convincing the Judge to give him a program to address the drug/alcohol problem. This was at best a very very long shot. He got my son a chance to walk away from court with no record. Now the rest is up to Him. I'll update in thirty six months.

Attitude and work ethic were top of the line

Apr 27, 2011 | Steve

I was charged with a DUI as well as some other traffic violations and the firm was able to reduce my charges and settle with court supervision. Not only were the results great, the attitude and work ethic were top of the line bar none. I was always in and out of court with no wasted time and energy and was able to communicate with them when I needed to get information regarding the case. I strongly recommend using this firm, they will handle your cases in a timely and personable fashion. They absolutely make the best out of difficult situations.

Did a wonderful job for me!

Apr 24, 2011 | Tara

Tim is a trustworthy and effective lawyer. I used him for my first criminal arrest and he got the case dismissed. I would recommend him to anybody.

Extremely helpful in my felony case

Apr 6, 2011 | Carmen

Tim and his staff were extremely helpful in my felony case. When i got charged with the felony i pretty much thought my life was over and i thought i was going to lose my job. However, Tim worked diligently on my case and got it reduced so i did not even have a felony on my record. I didn't even know this was possible.

Tim Martin is the man

Apr 6, 2011 | Chris

I recently got a misdemeanor in a totally unethical manor. Although it was unethical, all of my friends told me not to bother because no one would believe me over the cops. I hired Tim Martin as my attorney and he totally dominated in the court room. I couldn't believe the loop holes he found in my case and I got off with NOTHING on my record. I didn't think it was possible to get out of this much trouble but Tim definitely came through. I would recommend him 100% to ANYONE. Thanks Tim!

Tim really helped me out BIG time

Apr 6, 2011 | Samantha

Tim really helped me out BIG time. I had 2 underage drinking tickets and had received a third one and knew i was in huge trouble. I had been referred to Tim by several people and he is also all over the internet so i knew he had to be good. I met with him and he made me feel so much better about my situation and for the first time i actually had some hope that i could get out of my blunders. When i went to court he owned the court room and i couldn't believe how good he was. I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone who is in trouble and actually wants to win their case :)

He made this quick and easy

Apr 6, 2011 | Criminal Defense Client

I highly recommend Tim for any legal issues you may have. When i needed to expunge my record he gave me a good price and made me feel comfortable with confiding in him. He made this quick and easy and then his staff was very helpful is helping me get this expunged off my record.

He saved my life and my job!

Apr 6, 2011 | Courtney

Tim Martin saved my life. i got my 2nd DUI within a year and i really thought i was going to be in major trouble. the second i met him i felt so much better about the situation and i only got off with a slap on the wrist and i still have my license. he saved my life and my job!

He is not just another busy attorney

Mar 18, 2011 | DUI Client

Tim Martin's knowledge of law, and the number of years he's been practicing are definitely brought to life in the court room. He helped me with my DUI case, and at the same time he taught me valuable lessons. The personal attention he shows to his clients is amazing. I was always kept up to date with what was happening in the court room and outside of the court room with phone calls. I recommend Mr. Martin's services to anyone who wants the personal care and attention they and their case deserve. He is not just another busy attorney.

He saved my driving privileges

Mar 10, 2011 | Jeana

Tim Martin saved my license! I should have had my license suspended but somehow and I don't know how he did it, he saved my driving privileges! HE IS THE BEST! I cannot thank him enough for doing this for me!

I knew he would not let me down

Mar 9, 2011 | Criminal Defense Client

Tim Martin was my attorney when I got caught up with the wrong crowd and was busted for shoplifting. When I spoke with multiple attorneys NO ONE made me feel as comfortable as Tim Martin did and I knew he would not let me down. He made this quick and easy and then his staff was very helpful is helping me get this expunged off my record. I highly suggest Tim Martin and his staff for any criminal matters!

He helped me put everything back together

Mar 5, 2011 | DUI Client

Tim Martin & his team have been more than I can ask for. When I got my DUI I thought that my life was going to be over and I would lose my job along with a lot of other things, but with Tim Martin's intelligence he helped me put everything back together. I was able to keep my license and my job. I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. I would highly suggest him to ANYONE who truly needs a TOUGH and AGGRESSIVE attorney.

Better than I would have thought

Mar 4, 2011 | Mike

I thought I was looking at hefty fines and probation because of my past experience with inexperienced attorneys. After working with Tim my worries where relieved. I was amazed to get any of the charges dropped, most importantly though Tim saved me time and money. Thanks to the awesome girl Liz who works in their office, I will be using Mr. Martin for any future legal needs!

He has my total trust

Mar 1, 2011 | Judy

Tim Martin in my opinion is the best lawyer that anyone would want to obtain. He and his staff are totally professional, courteous, and efficient in whatever your needs. I have always been lead in the right direction anytime that I had to seek legal advise from him. He has my total trust in any advise that I have received.

He loves to advocate for his clients

Feb 11, 2011 | Bob

Tim is very down to earth and easy going. He loves to advocate for his clients and strives to do the best he can in each and every case. He also keeps his costs low!

They saved me and my future

Jan 13, 2011 | Adam

So glad I decided to hire Tim and his team. They did exactly what they they said they were going to do on our first meeting to win my DUI case. They proceeded to get it reduced to Reckless Driving with 6mo Supervision. They saved me, and my future. Facing a DUI? Call Martin & Kent.

I am very happy with the results!

Jan 11, 2011 | Alex

The best lawyer around. Tim and his team are great, they all worked on my behalf and got me an amazing result on my criminal case. I couldn't ask for a better outcome. I would recommend Tim and his partners anytime. He is very informative and very knowledgeable. He does not disappoint. He exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the results! CALL HIM!

Delivered beyond my best expectations

Dec 19, 2010 | Tom

Tim, Scot and Mike were the best on my case. They were honest and delivered beyond my best expectations. These guys live up to their reputation!

God bless you for everything you have done

Dec 8, 2010 | Nickie

All I can say is ever since I met you and you handled my case with my son's mother I have never been more happy, and I would recommend you to everyone I know. This last time you handled a simple case for me in which I tried to deal with that man, Kelvin Jones to explain I'm paying the right and correct amount, well he didn't see it that way, he saw it HIS WAY! Well when my mother and I went and sat down with you it was "simple math," and we were all on the same page. Well as of yesterday when I got the letter before work I was like the happiest man in the world to see that you and the judge saw that I was paying the right amount of support and I came up on top. Well I will never take the law into my own hands as if I have to ever use an attorney it will be TIM MARTIN and his partner if needed. I can go on and on and on but I know I'm in the best hands with you Tim Martin and my mother and father know it too. Thank you for all you have done for me and I will say this and you're the "BEST ATTORNEY IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS" And that's the truth. Thank you for everything and for Julie that has been there also for me and for talking to me and for dealing with me and just going taking my notes and phone calls and making me smile when I go there well she is a great OFFICE MANAGER and please let her know that and her helper too! So happy holidays to all the people that work for you and happy holidays to their families also. Thank you Tim and GOD BLESS you for EVERYTHING you have done for ME!

He is truly an amazing lawyer

Nov 30, 2010 | Federal Crime Client

I was going to serve many years in prison because of a drug related charge. I thought that everything I owned was going to be gone and that I would lose everything until I had my free consultation with Tim Martin. He not only saved all my stuff but many years in prison. I am so thankful I got to work with him and his wonderful staff. He is truly an amazing lawyer and is very honest and to the point. I would recommend him to ANY one that is in a jam.

I was about to lose EVERYTHING

Nov 30, 2010 | DUI Client

I don't even know where to being with Tim Martin! He is THE MOST outstanding lawyer I have ever dealt with. Now, I do not have the best past with the law but without Tim Martin I would not even be able to write this because I would be facing so much time. When I got pulled over and received my 2nd DUI I was about to lose EVERYTHING. I called numerous lawyers in the area to try and have them hear me out but no one made me feel like my case was important UNTIL I got on the phone with Tim Martin. I cannot thank him enough for all his time and effort he put into my case. His whole entire staff treated me with respect and was very helpful along the way with any questions I ever had. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an aggressive and tough criminal defense attorney.

Helped me get my record clear

Nov 29, 2010 | Client

When i thought i had no chance of going to college because of a fight i got into during high school, Tim Martin helped me get my record clear and i cannot thank him enough because of his outstanding help.

He truly cares about his clients

Nov 23, 2010 | Annette

I could write a short novel about how Tim Martin helped my family. My then wayward son (15 years old) was facing the possibility of several years of prison for having been a participant in a crime involving arson. No one was hurt, but the crime was classified the type of felony that required prison time. I researched attorneys and my gut reaction to pursuing Tim Martin paid off. I was a mother shaken to the core in fear for her son, and Tim Martin in his calm and assuring manner, gave me the confidence I needed to get through the horrible ordeal. His expertise and knowledge of the law, along with his long-standing respect and influence in the legal community, were the defining factors in his winning our case. Tim is not just a skilled lawyer, but he truly cares about his clients. Over the years, I have kept in touch for small legal matters, and true-to-form he is always there to help. Our story had a good ending and my son is thriving and successful. The story could have been very different if not for the legal expertise of Tim Martin.

Responsive and took complete control of the situation

Nov 22, 2010 | Joe

I was in a tough spot being accused by the police and needing answers fast. Tim was responsive and took complete control of the situation. He won my case!

They treated me with respect

Nov 21, 2010 | Ana

I got my first DUI at school and I was so scared. I called many lawyers and found Tim and Scott on the internet. I liked what I read about their qualifications and made an appointment. They treated me with respect and explained the process to me. I was able to get my suspension completely dismissed and my case was ultimately reduced to reckless driving. I appreciate all your help!

He saved my daughter's future

Nov 20, 2010 | Hannah

Tim and Mike worked her case like magic. My 17 year old daughter was arrested for shoplifting on a felony charge. They were able to get the charges reduced to misdemeanor theft with court supervision and no Jail. Now college will not be a waste of time for her having avoided a felony conviction. Thank you Tim and Mike with all my heart!

He delivered and got my case dismissed

Nov 13, 2010 | KC

I was arrested for domestic battery and thought my life was over. It was just a stupid incident between my wife and I. We found Tim Martin and saw him and two other lawyers. We liked him and his credentials. He delivered and got my case dismissed and I can't thank him enough!

Saved my career with a win at trial

Nov 13, 2010 | Farres

Tim, Scott and Mike worked together on my second DUI and saved my career with a win at trial. Other lawyers told me there was not much hope and were going to charge more. These guys did the work to find the weaknesses in the police reports and hammered the cop at trial. Thanks guys!

Really knows how to work a courtroom

Nov 4, 2010 | Maxine

We hired Tim after interviewing a number of other lawyers to represent my son in a domestic battery charge. He was the first lawyer to give us a comfort level instead of trying to frighten us. I was so afraid for my son because I believe the political climate today sides in favor of the female. Tim is professional, knowledgeable, and really knows how to work a courtroom. My son was found not guilty. I really believe that even though my son was innocent, we would not have gotten the same result with another lawyer.

Beat all 12 charges against my daughter

Oct 28, 2010 | DUI Client

Tim Martin handled a case for my daughter in which 12 charges were brought against her from DUI, DWI, paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, open alcohol, etc. Most of the charges were pure exaggerations. We were devastated that a police department would do this to a 16 year older. Mr. Martin fought tooth and nail. Actually went as far as taking it to trial and won on all counts. Not one conviction on anything. As another reviewer said, he made the cops look very silly. He caught them in their embellishments and humiliated them. Not only did we beat them in court but we expunged every charge and my daughter got a new lease on life with no record. Mr. Martin was recommended to me by another client of his who was charged with a DUI and had his brand new Bentley confiscated. It was his 4th DUI. Low and behold he got his Bentley back for him and got him exonerated from his DUI. Utterly amazing! Truly remarkable!

All of the hard work really paid off

Oct 26, 2010 | Criminal Defense Client

I appreciate all that was done for my case. All of the hard work really paid off. I trusted them with my case and they worked above and beyond what I expected. I recommend to anyone to call the helpful staff at this law office for any criminal needs.

It's like it never even happened

Oct 26, 2010 | DUI Client

Tim really saved my life. When i got my DUI i pretty much thought my life was over-- but Tim really made me feel a lot better about my situation and really looked deep into my case. He did things i didn't know were possible and i came out innocent. I really thought i was screwed but thanks to Tim it's like it never even happened.

The best decision I ever made

Oct 26, 2010 | Domestic Violence Client

Timothy Martin was the best decision I ever made. He handled my situation very professionally with kindness and care. I could tell he took a lot of time with my case and that was important to me. He is a busy man, but always had time to talk to me when I needed him. I highly recommend his services.

One of the finest defense lawyers in the State

Oct 11, 2010 | Client

As a prosecutor, I found Tim Martin to be one of the finest criminal defense lawyers in the State. I found Tim to be a tough advocate and knowledgeable counselor. Even in cases where the deck seemed to be stacked against Tim's clients, Tim was able to negotiate the best deal possible for his client and get a favorable disposition for his client. If any of my family members were unfortunate enough to find themselves in trouble with the law, I would not hesitate to recommend Tim Martin to represent them.

Walked away without jail time

Oct 9, 2010 | Criminal Defense Client

Thanks guys for helping me out again! One again walked away without a horrible sentence or jail time.

Made a stressful situation bearable

Oct 6, 2010 | Kelly McDonald

Thank you Tim for your assistance with my son's case. Your professionalism and experience made a stressful situation bearable. I especially appreciate the way that you communicated with my son and the way that you worked with me to come up with a plan to benefit him. I would be happy to recommend you for anyone needing honest, dependable representation.

The guy saved my career

Jun 27, 2010 | Tom S

As a outside salesperson, I was completely blindsided by learning my license would be revoked for my second DUI. My wife just had our 3rd child and my income was the only source we could count on. I blew a .16 and got three other traffic tickets. Tim and Scott not only got my suspension tossed, but more critical got my case reduced to Reckless driving. This saved my job! I could not recommend a better law office to anyone.

Well respected throughout the Chicago area.

Apr 21, 2010 | Stephen Brundage

Tim is an excellent lawyer and is well respected throughout the Chicago area. He is very attentive to his clients and well versed in the law. I highly recommend him.

They will fight for you

Mar 27, 2010 | Client

Tim Martin and Scott Kent are both great! Unlike other lawyers, they take the time and go through every detail and fight for the case. I couldn't trust a lot of lawyers but these 2 actually listen to/understand everything. I'm happy I chose these 2. A lot of lawyers will try to talk you into everything and just try to take your money, but these 2 have shown me a lot and helped me throughout my cases. I highly recommend them to represent your case. They are definitely aggressive! They saved my life for sure!

He got the job done in a short time

Feb 18, 2010 | Criminal Defense Client

Tim is a professional, knowledgeable and experienced representation, highly recommended, Tim lived up to what he said he would do for me, he got the job done in a short time and saved me from serving time. Thank you Tim.

None were as knowledgeable as they were

Feb 8, 2010 | Robert

I was so happy with the representation that I received from Tim Martin and Scott Kent! I have dealt with many lawyers and none were as knowledgeable as they were. They won my case when other lawyers said it was impossible! Thank you Tim and Scott!

I can thank Tim for the best defense ever

Jan 13, 2010 | Robert H.

Tim Martin was recommended by a friend who won his DUI. I called 3 other lawyers before Tim and got a lot of different assessments of my case. I made an appointment with Tim and explained my job was at stake. He took the time to listen and then investigate the case. He prepared me for trial. He made the cop look silly on cross-examination. The state's attorneys were jerks at trial. Tim's closing argument convinced the judge I was innocent. I got a not guilty on my DUI. My family and I can thank Tim for the best defense ever.

He promptly returned telephone calls

Jan 4, 2010 | Criminal Defense Client

I would strongly recommend this attorney to other potential clients. I had a very complicated legal situation that he helped me through every step of the way. He was fully dedicated to my case and always tried his hardest in court to win irregardless of what we went to court for. He promptly returned telephone calls and was always very professional about every aspect of my case. Most importantly, his courtroom tactics proved successful in my criminal case and we won several very important defense motions. Overall, my family and I would recommend this attorney without any hesitation to other potential clients who may be searching for a criminal defense attorney in Illinois.