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Naperville DUI Defense Lawyers

Former Prosecutors On Your Side

If you are charged with drunk driving in Naperville, you are certainly not alone. Naperville police make far more DUI arrests than any jurisdiction in DuPage County. But the fact remains that you are facing license suspension, steep fines, possible jail time and the long-term impact on employment and other areas of your life.

Whatever the circumstances — whether this is your first offense or you have prior DUIs — you should promptly seek experienced representation. The criminal defense attorneys of Martin & Kent, L.L.C., are well-versed in Illinois DUI law and very familiar with law enforcement and the municipal prosecutor of Naperville. Contact us day or night for a FREE consultation.

Pulled Over In Naperville For Drunk Driving?

Naperville police make about 800 DUI arrests each year, not including cases handled by the Sheriff's Department or State Patrol. (Outside of Chicago, only one other Illinois city issues more DUIs). This priority on drunk driving typically takes the form of police officers camping out near local bars and restaurants waiting for any sign of impaired driving.

DUI cases in Naperville are handled directly by the city's own prosecutor, often more quickly than the county docket. It is important to seek an attorney right away to protect your rights in the criminal case and fight for your driving privileges. Our Naperville DUI attorneys are former prosecutors with extensive experience and training in DUI defense. We have obtained dismissals, acquittals, reduced charges and court supervisions, and we have successfully challenged license suspension in judicial hearings.

Proven Defense By Local DUI Attorneys

The aggressive DUI enforcement demands skilled and strategic representation. Our firm defends ordinary people accused of drunk driving throughout DuPage and Kane counties, with a law office in Naperville in addition to our Wheaton location.

Our lawyers have 45 years of combined experience. To arrange a free consultation, call 630-474-4889, or contact us online. We are available 24 hours a day.