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Credit Card Fraud

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Credit card fraud is a serious crime in any state, but in Illinois in particular, lawmakers have cast a wide net to define the crime and protect numerous financial practices. Under the state law, the mere possession of a credit or debit card that is not yours may be enough to warrant a criminal charge, even if the card hasn't been used to make a purchase.

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Understanding Credit Card Fraud Charges

Illinois statutes define credit card fraud as nearly any kind of crime one can commit with a credit or debit card. Some charges are even preventative in nature, and the accused must explain intent of their possession of a credit card even when no fraudulent purchase has been made.

Credit card fraud is defined as the following:

  • Possession of a stolen, lost, or misplaced credit card
  • The selling of stolen or lost credit cards
  • Use of revoked, forged, or otherwise voided card(s) to make purchases
  • Lying to apply for a credit card
  • The use of any card to defraud the creditor, including for debt security

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Penalties for these crimes are serious. Sentences are usually dependent on the amount of money stolen and the frequency the card was used with, but it doesn't take much to qualify as a felony. To learn more about what penalties you could be facing and how you can best defend against your charges, be sure to reach out to our firm right away.

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