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In the legal world, a warrant makes up the basis for an individual's arrest. Anytime law enforcement suspects that someone has committed a crime, they must first obtain a warrant to legally arrest the accused. Whether you have a warrant out for your arrest or have been issued a bench warrant, your case requires the legal knowledge of an experienced firm.

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Our firm can supply you with the legal knowledge and representation you need during this time to ensure that your charges do not escalate unnecessarily. With criminal defense lawyers ready to serve all of DuPage County, you do not have to go without an advocate.

What is the difference between arrest warrants & bench warrants?

Although similar, these two types of warrants have very different purposes when used by law enforcement. An arrest warrant always precedes a bench warrant, as it is issued by the court the first time a police officer suspects you are guilty of committing a crime.

This arrest warrant essentially gives the officer a way to legally arrest you and details the conditions of your bail bond. Typically, this warrant orders you to come into court for your initial hearing.

If you fail to come into court after receiving an arrest warrant, or miss a trial date, a bench warrant will be issued. Bench warrants are issued anytime an individual is in contempt of the court and applies to both criminal and civil court proceedings. If there is a bench warrant issued against you, you can be arrested on the spot if pulled over by an officer.

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Many times, officers arrest people under conditions that were not legally warranted, which could be extremely valuable to your defense if this happens to you. In order to determine if this is the case, you need to get a DuPage criminal defense attorney on your side.

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