Delivery of Controlled Substances

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The state of Illinois views drug crimes as serious offenses-especially when delivery is involved. Law enforcement often cracks down much harder on delivery of controlled substances, rather than possession, as this is the source of the drug. This type of crime is often associated with drug dealing and can have a long term effect on an individual's reputation and future. Don't wait to talk with an attorney about your charge-if you have been accused of delivering controlled substances, you need to seek legal counsel right away.

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Accused of controlled substance delivery in Illinois?

Even just possessing illegal narcotics is a felony in Illinois. This means that possession with the intent to deliver or actual delivering will carry even more severe penalties.

Some of the most commonly delivered drugs include:

The level of charges will typically depend on the amount of substance found during the arrest. If you are caught with less than a gram, it can result in up to seven years of prison and up to $200,000 in fines. One to fifteen grams may result in a 15 year sentence, fines and a felony mark on your record. Anything above that quantity is classified as a Class X Felony and will increase in penalties.

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