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Drug Crimes

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If you have been arrested for a drug-related criminal charge, we encourage you to contact our drug defense lawyers as soon possible. Our team is aggressive and known for getting results in some of the most complex cases. We are wholly invested in the success of our clients and make ourselves available 24/7 to aid in tough situations.

We are able to assist in many cases, including those involving possession of the following controlled substances:

Our team is also able to help with cases related to the delivery of controlled substances, including marijuana.

Penalties Related to Serious Drug Crimes

In the state of Illinois, the penalties for drug offenses can be severe. If convicted, an individual could be facing anything that ranges from:

  • Time spent in jail or prison
  • Serious fines and court fees
  • Probation
  • Drug education
  • Rehabilitation

In some cases, an individual may be deported if they are an immigrant to the U.S. These penalties, however, will be entirely dependent on the factors of the case-namely, the type of drug involved, the amount of the drug involved, and the action involved (ex: possession, delivery, etc.)

Contact a Hard-Hitting Attorney in DuPage County

With 40-plus years of combined legal experience, Martin & Kent, L.L.C. is committed to helping clients preserve their legal rights when facing serious criminal charges-including those related to illegal drugs and controlled substances. Throughout the years, our legal team has handled more than 10,000 criminal cases, which has afforded us a thorough and in-depth understanding of the law that few other firms can provide.

Should you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that you are working with proven defense lawyers. We are two former felony prosecutors who are 100% focused on handling criminal cases and have earned a statewide recognition for being among the best criminal trial lawyers. In fact, we are often recommended by courthouse personnel, police officers, and even judges when family or friends need criminal defense.

To learn more about how our drug crime lawyers in DuPage, Kane and Cook counties can protect your legal rights, contact us today.