Sobriety Checkpoints

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Sobriety checkpoints may remind you of commercials preventing drunk driving, but they are real and enacted often in the state of Illinois. Unfortunately, drivers are not always arrested for DUI based on actual evidence and can end up being needlessly convicted without the representation of a skilled attorney.

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How do I know if my arrest was lawful?

At every sobriety checkpoint, police officers are looking for certain signs of impairment in passing drivers. This can include anything from slurred speech to a flushed face and may prompt the officer to pull the suspect to the side and administer field sobriety tests.

What seems like a conclusive method of arresting drunk drivers is often not. Officers tend to arrest drivers without any actual evidence and can even fail to abide by basic guidelines imposed by the National Highway Safety Transportation Board, which can have a huge impact on the validity of the arrest.

The following guidelines must be followed for an arrest to be lawful:

  • The checkpoints are to be broadcasted ahead of time
  • Police authority at the checkpoints should be visible
  • Chemical testing should be available on-site
  • Officers must be properly trained beforehand

The circumstances surrounding your arrest must be thoroughly investigated, ideally by someone trained and with numerous years of experience. This is why it is so important to retain an attorney for your case.

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Conducting a proper DUI investigation is not easy, but when done right, it can form an airtight defense for your case. Our attorneys are not only experienced in the field of defense, but are also former prosecutors. This unique perspective is fundamental in the successful outcome of your case.

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