Accused Of Assault, Battery Or Domestic Violence?


The state of Illinois takes violent crimes such as battery and domestic violence very seriously. Jail or prison is a real possibility. You could be kicked out of your home and cut off from your family. A conviction could impact your employment opportunities, where you live and your right to possess firearms.

Battery Defense Attorneys In DuPage County, Cook And Kane County

If you are accused of assault, battery or domestic violence, do not delay in hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The wheels of justice move fast in these cases and anything you say or do without legal advice may only make matters worse. Call us immediately for a free consultation so that we can protect your rights and make sure your side of the story is heard.

Our firm has a 96 percent dismissal rate in domestic battery cases.

Serious Representation For Serious Criminal Accusations

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we understand the serious consequences at stake. We also understand that these charges often stem from retaliatory or exaggerated allegations by an offended party or calculated attempts to gain advantage in divorce or custody proceedings.

Our attorneys are former felony prosecutors with more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal law. We will help you understand the charges and potential consequences you face, and how to respond to the allegations in a way that protects your best interests.

  • What Is Battery?
    Illinois statute defines battery as intentional physical contact that is harmful, offensive, intimidating or provocative. Battery may range from a slap or shove to a violent attack involving fists, feet or objects. It could involve a bar fight, a melee at school, an altercation with a neighbor or an attack by a stranger. If the incident results in severe bodily harm or involves a deadly weapon or other escalating factors, it may be charged as the more serious felony crime of aggravated battery or aggravated assault.
  • What Is The Difference Between Assault And Battery?
    People often use these terms interchangeably. " She assaulted me." " I want him arrested for assault and battery." The legal distinction is that assault is the threat of imminent bodily harm through menacing words or gestures, while battery involves actual contact or injury. Both are crimes and often the accused is charged with both offenses.
  • What Is Domestic Battery?
    Special laws apply when the victim and assailant have a close relationship. Domestic battery involves harm to a spouse or partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-spouse or co-parent, or member of the family (child, parent, relative) or household (roommate). Typically the court will remove the accused from the home and issue an order of protection preventing contact. These are sensitive matters with much at stake. We have a good track record in domestic violence defense, including a 96 percent dismissal rate in domestic battery defense.

Defending Against Charges Of Battery

Having handled thousands of criminal cases, our lawyers deliver the tough and aggressive representation to respond to charges of assault and battery or spousal abuse. In many cases, police make an arrest without hearing all sides of the story. We will explore your statutory defenses such as self-defense, defense of another or provocation. We will examine the credibility and motivation of the complainant, as well as statements of witnesses. We will challenge a permanent restraining order or other restrictions of the court that adversely affect your life and your fair treatment under the law.

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