Case Results

Domestic Battery Case Dismissed


A Wheaton client who was arrested for domestic battery got her case dismissed for lack of prosecution. The arrest expungement was immediately filed by M&K lawyers.

DUI Case Won


A Carol Stream resident won her DUI due to the fact that the police actually lost the DVD tape of her field sobriety test following a successful argument for due process by M&K lawyers.

Theft Case Dismissed


A Bloomingdale client had her retrial theft case dismissed following a successful petition by M&K lawyers.

DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving


A Lombard DUI was reduced to reckless driving due to a lack of sufficient evidence after M&K lawyers successfully negotiated with the prosecutors.

Conviction Spared


An Aurora man was spared a conviction for retail theft following a bench trial.

Felony Drug Case Avoided


A felony drug case conviction was avoided when M&K lawyers got a Naperville client's prescription drug case reduced to "reasonable" probation.

DUI Statutory Summary Suspension Case Dismissed


A Wheaton resident got his DUI statutory summary suspension case dismissed following successful negotiation by M&K lawyers.

Client Accepted into Second Chance Program


An Oak Brook client got into DuPage County's "Second Chance" program avoiding a drug conviction on his record.

Battery Case Won


An Addison man's battery case was won on bench trial following an aggressive cross examination by Mark & Kent Lawyers.

Statutory Summary Suspension Dismissed


A statutory summary suspension was dismissed because the Villa Park police officer failed to comply with Mark & Kent's subpoena.

DUI Reduced


A Lombard arrest for DUI was reduced to reckless driving saving the motorist's license.

Marijuana Case Dismissed


A Judge dismissed a client's charge for Possession of Cannabis and Paraphernalia when our lawyers proved the police officer had no probable cause to search our client's vehicle following a routine traffic stop.

Domestic Battery Case Dismissed


A Naperville man had his domestic battery case following a "Motion to Dismissed" filed by Martin & Kent lawyers.

DUI Suspension Dismissed


A Carol Stream client's DUI suspension was dismissed following successful negotiating by Martin & Kent lawyers.

Not Guilty Finding on Theft Case


A trial judge found our client not guilty on his Theft case when his employer failed to produce enough concrete evidence to support the arrest for "under ringing" the cash register for people the client allegedly was acquainted with. An immediate expungement petition was filed following the trial.

DUI Arrest Thrown Out


An Oak Brook DUI arrest was thrown out after Martin & Kent Lawyers successfully convinced the judge that the alleged traffic violation stop was improper.

Domestic Battery Charges Dismissed


Batavia resident got his domestic battery charge dismissed by directed verdict as there were no visible injuries following an alleged punch to his girlfriend's face five minutes before police arrived at the scene.

Second DUI Charge Acquitted


A St. Charles Man was acquitted of a second DUI charge after a bench trial. the judges didn't believe he failed the field sobriety tests as the St. Charles police claimed

Driving While License Suspended Client Avoids Conviction


A Downers Grove client was arrested for Driving While Suspended was granted Court Supervision after Martin Kent Lawyers successfully went back to the original traffic courts (2) and got both moving violation tickets turned into court supervision and got the client's license reinstated.

Conviction for Cocaine Possession Avoided


A client arrested for Possession of Cocaine in Wheaton was spared a criminal conviction when Martin & Kent Lawyers successfully argued for a specialized drug treatment program (TASC) that gives the client the treatment he needs over a one year period and avoids a criminal conviction for drug possession.

Juvenile Arrestee Avoids Criminal Record


A Judge granted Martin & Kent Lawyers argument to allow court supervision for a minor caught with drugs on school grounds in Naperville. Following a successful drug treatment program, the Judge authorized Court supervision to prevent the Juvenile from having a permanent conviction on his record for life.

Battery Case Reduced to Disorderly Conduct


A West Chicago client who could not afford a guilty plea on a Battery charge for employment purposes had his battery case reduced to disorderly conduct with court supervision following successful negotiations with the Judge and prosecutors allowing the client to continue his pursuit of a teaching job that prohibit anyone with a battery conviction to be employed.

DUI Case Reduced to Reckless Driving


A second time DUI offender's case was reduced to Reckless Driving after Martin & Kent Lawyers convinced the prosecutors that the client had passed the field sobriety tests and refused the breath test because he didn't trust the machine. The client's license was saved from revocation.

Jury Verdict Not Guilty in Drug case


A jury found our client not guilty of Felony Possession of Heroin following an automobile search by Westmont police where he was merely an innocent passenger. The police arrested our client and the driver of a vehicle where heroin was found on the floorboard of the car and in the glove box.

Order of Protection Case Dismissed


A Oak Brook resident got an Order of Protection case launched against him dismissed after trial by convincing the Judge that the complaining witnesses' accusations were completely false and were designed to obtain advantage in their divorce proceedings.

Felony Reduced to Misdemeanor


Martin & Kent Lawyer's got a second time Felony Retail Theft client's reduced to a simple Misdemeanor after convincing the prosecutors that the evidence was weak or insufficient to obtain a guilty verdict at a jury trial. The client avoided a certain jail penalty if convicted in DuPage County.

DUI Suspension Thrown Out


A federal Express delivery truck driver got his suspension thrown out when Martin & Kent Lawyers convinced the Judge that the officer's failed to comply with one of their subpoenas, thereby violating the client's due process rights.

Domestic Battery Case Dismissed


M&K Lawyers maintained their 96 percent case dismissal rate on Domestic battery cases returning our client home without this serious crime on his record.

Felony Criminal Damage to Property Case Won!


The Judge held the State prosecutors failed to prove that our client was the actual perpetrator as opposed to the three other people in the immediate area of the damage despite there being "some" video evidence establishing our client's presence at the site in Villa Park.

Conviction for Narcotic Possession Avoided


M&K lawyer got a repeat drug offender into a special program that prevented a felony conviction from entering on his criminal record by weakening the State's case following a questionable stop on his motor vehicle in Glen Ellyn.

Felony case Reduced t0 Misdemeanor


An M&K client had been arrested in Elmhurst for Aggravated battery to a patron in a Bar fight. M&K Lawyers where able to establish that the other patron was the true aggressor and the case was reduced to simple Battery with expungeable Court supervision.

98MPH Speeder Reduced


An M&K client received a traffic ticket in Clarendon Hills from the State Police for traveling 98MPH in a 55MPH zone. The case was reduced to a minor speeding ticket with a small fine and Driver Improvement Class. License saved!

DUI Case Won for 2nd Offender


M&K lawyers beat a 2nd offender's case following a bench trial where the officer was cross-examined by Mr. Martin and the Judge held that the testimony on the field sobriety test was flawed and embellished. This saved our client the loss of his license, jail time, classes and fines and costs.

2nd DUI Offender


People v. M.K.

Found not guilty by a jury in Cook County after Martin & Kent lawyers provided the officers testimony to be exaggerated and embellished. Cross-examination of the officer also showed that he failed to follow field testing protocols. The Winfield client avoided jail and license revocation.

Felony Retail Theft


People v. A.H.

Client was on trial for a Class 3 retail theft charge in Lombard. Martin & Kent attorneys convinced the Judge that the store clerk's vantage point made it impossible to actually see the thefts. Martin & Kent private investigators provided trial exhibit photos to help obtain the not-guilty verdict.

Cocaine Possession


People v. J.N.

A Felony Judge in DuPage County dismissed all charges against a Martin & Kent client following a Pre-trial Motion to Dismiss for No Probable Cause to stop and detain our client. The Elmhurst police testified they were suspicious of the client's movements while he was inside his auto that was parked on a residential street, prior to curbing and searching him. The Judge determined the officers' actions violated the Fourth Amendment prohibiting unjustified searches and seizures.

Possession of Cannabis


People v. K.M.

A teenage client of Martin & Kent was acquitted of a possession charge after Martin & Kent lawyers established that at least 3 other occupants of the vehicle could have been the owner of the cannabis. (Cannabis was found in driver owner's car between seats.)

Domestic Battery


People v. B.K.

An Aurora resident was accused of striking his girlfriend numerous times in the face with a closed fist. Martin & Kent lawyers subpoenaed the paramedic's records, which showed no bruising, scratches or even redness on her face. Also, since the couple had an ongoing custody case battle over their child, the Judge found our client innocent after a two-day trial. His case is now in the expungement process.

Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance

A young client was charged with possession of cocaine in her automobile following a traffic stop by Lombard Police Officers. Following trial, our client was completely acquitted of all charges because the Judge said he could not be certain whose contraband it was, hers of her passenger's. Case closed.

Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substance

A Wheaton resident was arrested for Class X Felony delivery charge and facing 6-30 years in prison had his case reduced to probation and work release. We effectively established mitigating circumstances on our client's case and the State's Attorney agreed to reduce the charges and eliminate the otherwise mandatory prison term.

Aggravated Battery and Mob Action

Four clients, all from West Chicago, were found not guilty of aggravated battery and mob action after our private investigative team (off-duty police officers) found an independent witness to exonerate our clients. Following the dismissal of the case, all four clients' arrest records were expunged from their criminal history.

Off-Duty Illinois State Trooper Found Not Guilty

An off-duty Illinois State Trooper was found not guilty of DUI following a bench trial in Wheaton. The State aggressively sought a conviction utilizing the testimony of several police officers and private citizens who all said our client was intoxicated. Thorough effective cross-examination and defense testimony, the Judge found our client not guilty of all charges including the traffic violation.

0.21 DUI Case Dismissed

A client with a breath result of .21 was cleared of all charges after a short bench trial when the court ruled the defendant, who was sitting in his car, was not in actual physical control of the vehicle. Additionally, the client's suspension was thrown out on different grounds.

DUI Case Won Following A Motion to Dismiss

A second offender from Burr Ridge was spared license revocation when we established no probable case for the initial stop. An anonymous tipster called police and the police stopped the vehicle without independent observation of violations. The Judge threw out the charges based on research in case law.

Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance

An NBA professional basketball player was arrested for possessing 22 pounds of cannabis in Hinsdale following a traffic stop and search of his vehicle. After establishing no probable cause for the initial stop and subsequent search of his vehicle, the case was completely dismissed.

Felony Theft

A client from Elgin accused of taking $10,000 in casino chips from a riverboat casino had his case reduced to a simple misdemeanor after it was determined the casino video-tapes were not preserved adequately according to the courts "Emergency Order to Preserve Evidence" that was requested and obtained by our attorneys in a rare post arrest Emergency Motion.


Recently, a client was found not guilty of murder following a year long Court battle. The Cook County Judge threw out the case without our client ever testifying, based on the questionable evidence. At trial, we effectively cross examined two eye witnesses and essentially proved that they could not have accurately seen our client at 4:00 a.m. from their vantage point.

Jury Finds Former Alderman & State Representative Not Guilty

A well-known Chicago Alderman and State Representative was acquitted by a jury following a two day jury trial. The client had allegedly fallen asleep behind the wheel at a traffic light and vomited when police asked him out of his vehicle. The jury was presented evidence of food poisoning and acquitted our client after only 40 minutes of deliberations.

0.16 DUI Case Reduced

A client from Glen Ellyn was protected from a probation violation when we successfully proved that the Breath Test was not in compliance with IDPH rules and regulations. The Judge held the breath test inadmissible at trial and the state was forced to reduce the charges to Reckless Driving and Court Supervision. Additionally, the Judge threw out his one-year suspension period.

Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance

Two of our clients from Elmhurst had their drug charges thrown out at a preliminary hearing after a Judge found no probable cause to search. Additionally, the Judge determined the lab procedures by the State Crime Lab inadmissible. All of the $3,000 bond money was returned to the client.

Aggravated Battery and Mob Action

A client from Warrenville was acquitted following trial when the Judge ruled the State failed to prove their case after the Officer was cross-examined. The client avoided a felony conviction, jail time and the loss of his job.

Attempted Murder

A client charged with Attempted Murder who faced a prison term of 20-60 years in IDOC was released after only serving 120 days in a downstate boot camp.

Breath Refusal Case Won

A first offender was found not guilty following a bench trial even though the Downers Grove Officer testified that the defendant didn't pass any of the Field Sobriety Tests. Uniquely, the Officer also testified that our client had red, bloodshot eyes, strong odor of alcohol and slurred speech. The trial Judge ruled that although the defendant might have been under the influence of alcohol, the totality of the circumstances did not amount to a conviction.

DUI Case Reduced on Dispatch Tape Evidence - Eight Tickets Thrown Out

As part of defense measures, the Illinois State Police Dispatch Tapes were subpoenaed to court for inspection. Following a detailed examination, it was determined that the State Trooper failed to follow proper arrest and test procedure guidelines. This 19 year old client had her license saved and the eight accompanying traffic tickets were dismissed.

Violation of Order of Protection

People v. T.N.

A Martin & Kent client was spared a life-long conviction following a not guilty ruling in DuPage County for violating the terms of his Order of Protection. Following rigorous and effective cross examination by Martin & Kent lawyers, the Judge held the complaint's testimony to be incredible and dismissed the case against her ex-boyfriend from Oak Brook.