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Drunk Driving Archives

Education and treatment for DUI offenders

California motorists who have pleaded guilty to DUI omay be required to attend an alcohol awareness program. It can be required as a condition of their probation or as part of their suspended sentence. The court orders attendance to these programs so that offenders can be educated about the effects of DUI and the dependency on alcohol. The programs are typically used in lieu of or to reduce stiffer punishments offenders might be subjected to, like incarceration, fines or the suspension of their driver's license.

Law enforcement will be active in Illinois on July 4

Drivers in Illinois can expect law enforcement to be more visible and more active during the upcoming July 4th holiday period. Far more people take to the roads in Illinois during the summer months, and the state's Department of Transportation provides grants to local police departments to help them to deal with the increased traffic volume and launch initiatives designed to enforce traffic laws and prevent accidents.

Former Giants linebacker pleads guilty to DUI

Illinois football fans may be interested in learning that a former linebacker for the Giants, 57-year-old Lawrence Taylor, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence on June 19. Taylor was charged with DUI following a drunk driving accident in September when he hit a motor home and police car while in Florida.

Uber driver accused of drunk driving with passenger in car

On May 28, an Illinois Uber driver was accused of drunk driving while transporting a passenger. The 45-year-old Schaumburg man was ultimately charged with felony aggravated DUI/vehicle for hire with a passenger and a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

Police report surge in drugged driving incidents

Police in Illinois and around the country have reported an alarming increase in drugged driving incidents, and their observations are backed up by data from a number of federal agencies. The problem is said to be most severe in Rust Belt states ravaged by opioid addiction and parts of the Pacific Northwest and South where methamphetamine use is widespread.

Woman facing assault and DUI charges after alleged altercation

Illinois police have charged a 49-year-old woman with aggravated battery, resisting arrest and driving under the influence after a field sobriety test allegedly turned physical on the afternoon of March 17. The woman was also cited for several motor vehicle violations. Her bond was set at $30,000.

Drunk driving cases in Illinois involving CDL holders

Drunk driving cases in Illinois are often resolved by plea bargain agreements, but experienced criminal defense attorneys may be reluctant to negotiate these matters when their clients hold commercial driver's licenses. Losing a CDL often means losing a job, and attorneys may focus all of their energies on getting drunk driving charges dismissed when their clients have little to gain from a negotiated settlement.