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Drunk Driving Archives

Police report surge in drugged driving incidents

Police in Illinois and around the country have reported an alarming increase in drugged driving incidents, and their observations are backed up by data from a number of federal agencies. The problem is said to be most severe in Rust Belt states ravaged by opioid addiction and parts of the Pacific Northwest and South where methamphetamine use is widespread.

Woman facing assault and DUI charges after alleged altercation

Illinois police have charged a 49-year-old woman with aggravated battery, resisting arrest and driving under the influence after a field sobriety test allegedly turned physical on the afternoon of March 17. The woman was also cited for several motor vehicle violations. Her bond was set at $30,000.

Drunk driving cases in Illinois involving CDL holders

Drunk driving cases in Illinois are often resolved by plea bargain agreements, but experienced criminal defense attorneys may be reluctant to negotiate these matters when their clients hold commercial driver's licenses. Losing a CDL often means losing a job, and attorneys may focus all of their energies on getting drunk driving charges dismissed when their clients have little to gain from a negotiated settlement.

Illinois Senate mulls wrong-way drunk driving bill

The Illinois Senate is considering a bill that would treat impaired wrong-way driving as an aggravating factor when judges are making sentencing decisions are made in impaired driving cases. The representative who sponsored the legislation said that he decided to take action after being approached by a Cook County police chief. Supporters of the bill point out that wrong-way accidents have claimed more than 50 lives and left more than 300 road users injured in Illinois since 2005, and only seven representatives voted against the measure when it was passed by the Illinois House on Feb. 22.

Illinois law enforcement looking for drunk drivers

With another holiday strongly associated with drinking approaching, law enforcement is seeking to ensure that people don't drink and drive on St. Patrick's Day The Illinois Department of Transportation has made a point of reminding people that there are a number of alternatives to getting into their car after they've had a few drinks. Options include selecting a designated driver, taking a cab home, using public transportation or using a ride sharing app. To help give people greater options for getting home safely, additional trains will be running in the morning and evening.

Man causes fatal crash

A 19-year-old man has been charged with a DUI after causing a crash on Jan. 28 in Chicago. According to law enforcement officials, two individuals were injured and one man was killed as a result of the crash.

Woman charged with DUI after claiming she had 3 drinks

A 25-year-old suburban Chicago woman was charged with DUI after she told authorities that she was driving to a nearby White Castle in order to "sober up". According to Riverside police, a traffic stop was conducted on her vehicle after authorities saw it cross the center lane.

Police don't have reliable sobriety tests for marijuana

When a police officer in Illinois suspects that a driver is drunk, they can use a few different tests to verify any suspicions. While breath and blood samples are the most scientific measures of alcohol intoxication, field sobriety tests are also believed to be reliable. Proving whether a driver is under the influence of marijuana, on the other hand, is a much greater challenge.

The role of the Breathalyzer in a DUI case

Motorists in Illinois and throughout the nation may be asked to take a Breathalyzer test if they are suspected of drunk or impaired driving. However, the results of a test may not determine whether or not an individual is charged with a DUI. This is because it is only one piece of evidence that may be used when determining whether or not a driver is impaired.