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Man faces drunk driving charges after Illinois head-on crash

When an Illinois motorist is handed drunk driving charges, there can be significant penalties if there is a conviction. These can include a license revocation, an ignition interlock device, hefty fines and jail time. However, sometimes cases fall through the cracks, as evidenced by a man who was taken into custody in November 2015 for driving while intoxicated after having a head-on accident. It was subsequently learned that he had four previous DUI convictions in Iowa.

He was allowed to drive in Illinois because he was able to get a legal driver's license in the state. The man's last conviction for drunk driving in Iowa occurred nine years ago. He apparently was able to get a driver's license in Illinois because there were no outstanding suspensions on his record, nor did he have any of the Iowa license revocations flagged.

The reason that there would be no red flags is that he finished the sentences he received in Iowa. One of the Iowa cases resulted in him serving jail time. In the Illinois crash, he is said to have crossed the center line on the roadway and crashed head-on into an SUV, seriously injuring the driver. The circumstances of this accident could result in the man being sent to jail.

The fact that this man has previous convictions for driving under the influence should not affect whether he is guilty of this particular charge. One way for a defense attorney to attempt to combat drunk driving charges is to challenge the administration of breath tests.

Source: WQAD, "Milan man charged with fifth DUI had a valid Illinois license," Chris Minor, April 5, 2016

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