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Alderman charged with retail theft

On Jan. 31, an alderman for an Illinois city was charged with retail theft. It was reported that this was her second misdemeanor charge since 2013. She was accused of stealing about $55 worth of merchandise from a store that was located in the ward she represented.

The incident reportedly occurred at about 6:30 p.m. in Aurora. An employee claimed that he saw the alderman put pencils, bottles of ibuprofen and other small items into her purse. She paid for some items that were in her cart but did not pay for the other items. The employee took the alderman to the asset protection office after catching up with her outside. The local police were then notified.

After being charged, she was released on $1,500 bail. She was scheduled to return to court on March 7. The store where this incident allegedly took place was the same store where she was caught in 2013. She pleaded guilty then after she was accused of stealing around $150 in food and beauty items.

People who are accused of retail theft face legal consequences that could potentially include jail and probation depending on the value of what was supposedly stolen. Additionally, however, they could also lose their job and have difficulties with finding future employment due to a criminal record. A criminal law attorney can attempt to fight the charges using a defense strategy that will be based in part on the evidence available. In some cases, the attorney may show evidence that proves that the items were paid for or were misappropriated by mistake.

Source: Chicago Sun Times, "Aurora alderman charged with second retail theft since 2013", Simone Alicea, Feb. 1, 2016

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